Round announcers return, thoughts?

Firstly, thank you for bringing them back because it adds to the atmosphere. Personally i don’t like either announcers, the locust guy sounds like a whiny 10 year old who is going to cry and the cog announcer has no good dialogue.

This is a shame because previous gears all had epic announcers, please offer them to us as unlockable or something.

Im glad they’re back!

The Swarm announcer sounds like Miles from the New Hope facility. He’s supposed to be a whiny psychotic character.

The COG announcer is Jinn who is the COG leader…

I think after playing the campaign most people will be on board with both of them. I don’t think you could find a decent “living” replacement for the Swarm announcer and I feel having the leader of the COG as the announcer, as it has been in all previous games makes perfect sense. Personally I don’t think their dialogue matters much, seeing as how limited previous Gears announcers were.

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I disagree with your opinion about the previous announcers. They are universally liked and not limited. The dialogue was incredible as was the delivery. The new ones are so generic

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Please post feedback in the official thread :slight_smile: