Ronin Karn ($15 or 13 Legend Ranks)

Pretty sure this is the new character dropping tomorrow. I already disliked the Kantus because it made no sense but at least it looked decent? Karn just looks like Karn with some gold and a few bits of extra armor.

These Earth-sinpried skins for characters from a fictional world aren’t very special. At least Mech Baird and Thrashball Cole, even Savage Swarm have something to do with the Lore of the games.

Ronin skins are trashhh but it seems like we’ll be getting more of them.


I was hoping they’d drop a kilo squad skin tbh


And so begins the influx of legendary store skins so TC can drain you of your coins


Major Paduk and Farmer Dom were such good skins and there’s so much potential.

Kilo Cole, Baird and E-Day Marcus/Dom.

Pendulum Marcus, Dom and Keegan.

Onyx Keegan.

Etc etc.

And for Locust/Swarm, give us a new variant of Locust. Or the hundreds we still haven’t seen instead of these trashy Ronin ones. (Miner, Hunter, Spotter, Stalkers, Flamers, etc)

Same thing with Gears 4. First craft only character was Dizzy, 600 scrap, every other one after that was 2,400 just so it’d be harder to collect while also upgrading Horde cards, at least in my experience.

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T.C. seems to be listening somewhat to skin request as Farmer Dom is now thing we can play as. I think people have been requesting the Onyx guard Keegan skin since OP 2 or even 1. You’d figure they’d go for that at some point but my guess they don’t know what to make it look like

If only we had some Old School Onyx Guards for reference…


What do you mean by “13 Legend Ranks”?

Just using it as an example, as after you complete General it opens up “Legend” a bunch of infinite tiers at 12 stars each that award 750 coins. 13 tiers would be about 9,750 coins while the skin costs I believe 10,000 like how Workout Fahz did.

You mean the not so look alike Farmer Dom was a good skin?


Are you saying he doesn’t look like Dom?

I think it looks ever so slightly odd as I remember it but it’s not “Bad,” anymore than Hive Baird is bad or something.

I think he looks fine and I don’t see what everyone’s problem is with faces in these games.

Really? So Legendary customisation skins have a different Gear Coin value to PVE skill cards? :open_mouth: I never saw the price of Legendary characters as I already own all of the ones available right now, but Legendary skill cards cost 4000 Gear Coins. That was why I was confused.

I mean, if the face was fixed to look like Dom, then it would be a good skin. The eyes completely throw it off.


Yeah a couple weeks ago Fahz was 1500 Iron or like 10,000 coins.

I mean that’s a little understandable as you need way more cards than customization but I believe then Legendary skills are valued as Epic cosmetics.

kinda meh to be honest, Ronin Kantus was cool because it was the first skin to ever look like that, this just feels like a lazy version of that lol.


I don’t see the big deal it should be no more than 10$ if you want early access but gold GP is so easy to earn everyone will have it in a week anyways for free!

I actually like the skin ill take whatever we can get content wise as long as it can be earned

I bet everyone should be happy with the REAL onyx guard.

Those from operation 2 were such a a disappointing skins…

Yeah kilo squad Baird would’ve been awesome

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Looks too similar to standard Karn for me. Probably trying to milk folks who missed out on Ronin Kantus and still want in on the action.

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Hard pass.

$15 it’s not even worth $5.

Not worth coins either.

Nice attempt I guess.

dont worry all the content becomes available to purchase with gears coins later. just be patient my friends :slight_smile: