Rolling on separate binding, Still able to roll out of cover with spacebar


I have the Action “Rolling” bound on a different Button than Spacebar.
Yet im still able to Roll out of Cover with Spacebar.
Please disable the function to roll out of cover with Spacebar, if you use a different Binding for Rolling!

Agreed, but it was like this in Gears 4 as well. I didn’t play alternate on controller, but may have been like since Gears 2 even.

Would be nice if they fixed it since every time I roll off cover, I’m actually trying to up A or roadie run on the wall.

Yeah this is what it was like in 4 on classic. alt controls and is massively annoying.

Tc have known its an issue for a long time and it’s inclusion in 5, sadly, means it Is unlikely to get fixed.

Im talking about KB/M not Controller…