Roll recovery so unfair

(Vanda1) #1

There is a roll recovery on default that is insane. You can bounce to a wall misroll and shoot mid roll. This is not what gears of war was meant to be. Please look into fixing the roll recovery. I was just staring at someone who had their back on the floor and was hard aiming readying my shot about to press right trigger. Remind you his back is on the floor. When all of a sudden he slides into a wall and back as off a wall and shoots me one shot dead. This game really needs a fix on movement. I believe that all bounce movements should come from the middle of the screen. It just makes more sense. The movement is completely broken. In every other gears you aim the middle of your screen where you want to bounce and there you are.

Don’t get me wrong Gears 4 has the best movement potential out of all the gears besides maybe judgment. But if you could just bounce with the middle of your screen I believe this would fix the miss-rolling that happens all the time. Sometimes you go to bounce somewhere and you just roll or go somewhere else. I would love to play default but am forced to play alternate because the game does not let me go where I want to.

It is not fair that people can recover from rolls faster than a different type of player. So my idea of a fix is to make wall bouncing more accurate. Just allow people to bounce like the old gears. Middle of screen best gears easily. Just have to have someone who knows the game better than others to tell the developers. It’s not that big of a deal. But that roll recovery is a huge game changer. It got me upset enough to come here. And I don’t come here like I used to. So you know I’m very aggravated by this feature.

I would hate to see this in gears 5.

Another fix.

Alternate Pro

tap a to bounce
hold a to run
while in cover move forward and press a to swat turn (up a)

tap x to roll
while in cover tap x to jump over cover

or just simply add complex button mapping for gears 5

I cant stress how much I hate not being able to customize my own controls.

I would love to see gears of war be the first game that I love to do this.

I’m sure other developers have done it. But I don’t like those games.

I need this for gears 5. All of this. This will break the skill gap.