Rod ,TC...Veterans

A letter open to Devs and Veterans ,sorry to the new players.

Hi all,i will not take any pleasure to say this ,i hope to hurt nobody,but somedody have to speak.
i play Gear since the 1st,honestly Gear 5 is too nice,i love the graphics…but what is Gear…somebody ask yourself question,it s just a game,a product,a comunity,a life style(people makes tatoo☺),a philosophy,a sport,maybe Gear is all this at the same time.
Now,when you make a Gear you have to know and respect this,Epic let to Microsoft a big responsability.
i play Gear 5 versus since the beta,i think nobody on Coalition understands what made Gear so special,so unique in it s genre,i can tell you my personal opinion,maybe the most Veterans players think the same .
The philosophy of a Gear game must be the same from the start:learn,practice,never let go.
Aim assistance,bullet magnetism…where is the skill,the precision,on gear 1 if you touch the neck,or the chin,its not considered an head shoot,on gear 5 you shoot 10 -20 cm out of the target and you have a head shoot!!!it is really not serious because you want maybe reduce the gap skill but it s not the right way,the new players must just practice,learn,never let go,without any form of cheat,assistance or others and you will conquer them forever,like us on the past.
Bouncing like Gear 3 we can forget…,ok,but TC do you know how to do it,did you learn that?i saw you play so many times on stream,you make just 2 or 3 bounce just with cancel,without camera,did you really take time to learn every kind of movement,maybe you don t like bounce,that s why on Gear 5 if you bounce you are going to die,because on the camera of your ennemy when you bounce you are as fast as snail,plus magnetism bullet and aim assist,then is no way for skill.
Now,you have to know people,the most of veterans players,spent a lot of their time to practice ,to learn ,to change also the way to hold joystick,and at the end?you reduce all that real(not virtual,as an rpg) experience at zero,with your cheat,simple gameplay,to reduce the skill gap.
Gear was unique. We discovered your direction,to a simple game,ordinary banal game,i have just a request ,make us,for veterans a Gear 3 remastered,without any changes on gameplay please,everybody will take ,i am sure.and everybody be happy ,new players with your gear,and veterans with a new G3.thanks and sorry


We dont need a gears 3 remake. we just bought gears ue not to lomg ago despite buying gears 1 not that long ago on 360. All it would do is seperate the player base further. Let themfiniah gears 6, give em a few years, n then lets do gears 3 maybe again.

also u should go back n proof read ur post to improve it.

U. Have. Things. Like. This. N . Its. really . hard. to .read. .sir William Shatner. when. every. word. is .its. own. sentance.


Sorry i am french😂


Hey, thats fine and understandable. Just want ur post to be a little easier to read for people.

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…There is no need to apologise :wink:

Actually well done, I would not have a chance in writing in another language :+1:

As for Gears 3, imagine the mp and Horde at 60fps. I would sell all my other games.



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Idky but this is cute and wholesome

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tu est très belle :kissing_heart:


Merci :slight_smile:

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Just a quick reminder. This forum supports English only. It’s a forum rule.

You beat me to it my friend :+1:

A Gears 3 remaster and Gears 5‘s disc would instantly take flight out of the nearest window.

As for OP, some good points in there so decent effort :+1:


Well to be fair, every console game has aim assist. It would be very difficult to play on console without some sort of aim assist. Controllers do not do a good job of accurate aiming unfortunately. Until you play a game that doesn’t have it you will not know how bad it can actually be. With that said, I think the level that it is currently at is overbearing and could use a tweak.


Sorry Ektope

Maybe ,but it is just a little too much in this case ,i think ,we have an impression the joystick ,the game make the job ,zéro satisfaction ,is boring,you miss ,and surprise …head shoot …this is not what i wish for Gear …the others Gears did nt get the same feeling .i really don t think this is a game for e sport ,or serious tournaments at this moment ,and still less for ranked, we can say ping of war …:thinking:but it is fun for horde

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A majority of this forums rules are stupid. If they want to ban me for showing support to a French community member by addressing him in his native language they can.


You are nice ,thanks

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As a newer player who started Versus in Gears 3 and got good through Gears 1 UE, I agree to a degree.

I managed to do just fine in Gears 4 Versus, I do think the aim assist is too overbearing in 5 where it even starts to become an obstacle for me in PvE modes.

Understandably consoles always have some form of assisting, but usually it’s optional.

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I respect the veterans, but one thing some of you need to understand is that you don’t speak for the whole community. I’m saying this as a veteran myself. It seems like Gears has a split fanbase, one that wants to play the old Gears games for the rest of time, and one that is ok with change, adopting new mechanics, etc.

Games need to evolve. If they don’t, they become stagnant and we’d never get sequels. All major franchises in gaming go through this. I for one completely embrace rifles now being strong. Let’s be honest, rifles, particularly the Lancer, have pretty much always been a joke in Gears. Now they’re actually viable weapons.

Does it change the gameplay? Yes. Is that necessarily a bad thing? No. Not everyone who plays Gears is a great CQB player and some like playing support. This is great for those players (For the record, I am predominantly a CQB player).

OG Gears games were great but they really did boil down to a Gnasher fest, almost all the time. It’s refreshing to see some variety in Gears. And it’s not like Gnasher play isn’t still a big deal. It is. Now we just have more good options.

Personally I don’t think the Lancer should be nerfed, or at least not that much. If all you want is the same game with modern visuals, just play Gears Ultimate Edition. Let the rest of the fanbase enjoy new Gears games.


Typical lancer soy boi…not surprised lol

Please stop attacking other users.

People who don’t agree with you aren’t all “soyboys” “TC Shills” or “Undercover employees”.