Rod fergusson liked a tweet calling us toxic cry babies

These are facts.


I mean I admit I rely on my gnasher probably 90% of the time, but if I get bested by someone or a group of people lancering me down cause my ■■■■■■■ decided to rush at the wrong moment or I was just not paying attention, last thing I’ll do is have a “Dear diary,” moment in the forums.

If you ask me, should the lancer be nerfed. I guess just a tiny bit. At least its active reload should. But I’ve never gotten to the point where I tell myself “Golly, I guess it’s time to head back to Gears3.”

You can say “boomshot” it’s okay.

Dude it’s already gotten nerfed with the bigger recoil and no more stopping power, so it’s already tougher to take down charging opponents.

Edit: Nerfed from Gears 4’s lancer

I’m sure I said that I rely on my gnasher 90% of the time, so I don’t think it would be too productive of me to sit back and camp instead of taking the ring. In short, no, I don’t sit back and camp for the most part.

@AkimboLeadPipes, Did they nerf it? Didn’t even notice. I admit I haven’t been playing much lately, only jump in to do my dailies, so maybe I missed that part. Gonna check it out next time I get the chance. Thanks for the info.

especially if they landed headshots

Think you just answered your own question there bud.

Theres no point. We’re obviously talking with the greatest Gears player there is. He must hit 100% of his shots

some people wanted emotes. im sure they are having to do things, but express that or at least communicate. they can fix exploits in the game for ranking up in a weeks time ,but cant fix other things related to the campaign? least there is no wood skins… yet??

I’m more upset with TC because the game is broken

It crashes more often with the new Nvidia driver and the game update that they released today. Rod Fergusson is the toxic one.

OMG I’m getting killed BY A TEAM in a TEAM GAME


Typical 1 trick pony that b*tches when they get killed by anything other than a gnasher

Damn you got me. I came on here and was complaining about getting killed with everything but a gnasher. Complaining Im getting killed by a team in a team game. Oh wait thats YOU

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1v1 means NOTHING in a team game. I can tell your the type to send someone a message saying 1v1 me when you get destroyed. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Keep complaining that your being killed by a team in a team game. At the end of the day your trash because all you can use is a gnasher.

Have a good night

@GhostofDelta2 close this thread. Its ran its course and fell off topic.

Is this guy for real? What a troll.
Also yes, @GhostofDelta2 please close this derailed thread even the Cole Train would be ashamed of.

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Well that escalated quickly.


This dude isnt the sharpest knife in the drawer. Hes really one of those that think the gnasher is the only gun in the game.

Savage Theron and Kantus required you to do one thing each. Finish Insane Beast without wiping, and get a certain number of revives.

You can still do this, as they aren’t limited time, and you can do it offline.

Gears 5 would have put that as one of 6 challenges each (2 of 12 challenges).

Well I wouldn’t say close the thread, as I’m sure others would want to discuss the subject further when they wake up tomorrow. But sir over there needs a bit of a time-out.

Closing thread due to constant toxic arguing.