Rod fergusons plan to innovate!

I feel with these changes gears 5 can be a better game!! I feel like this game is definitely catering to the casual gears players more than the hardcore, long time gears veterans.Gears has arcade tdm and social for the casual players let ranked be what it’s really suppose to be!! Rod Ferguson said “they must betray fans to innovate” it’s ok to innovate but don’t leave the hardcore fan base in the cold because once the Call of duty’s and Battlefield games come out the casual fan base leaves and you have the vets still sticking it out playing your game. Thank you!

Aim assist- It needs to not be In ranked play If not tone it down a lot because it is ridiculous

Execution- Tc needs to add this back to ranked matchmaking it has been the staple game mode for gears of war for a long time! Nothing is more intense and satisfying than having one life per round and your facing a 3v1 and you clutch it to win the round or match!! Heart pounding moments!! Ranked should have at least one Non Re-spawn mode!! Playing this in a custom match doesn’t have the same feel,plus you don’t rank up or get xp!!!

Flash bangs- These bad boys should be a pick up item just like how shocks are a pick up!! I feel like I’m playing call of duty when all these flash bangs are going off!

Weapons- Every weapon in this game is OP AS HELL!!! Weapon damage needs to be reduced especially on the gnasher and lancer!! The gnasher also should have 8 shots not 6 I don’t understand why you made that change!! Gears is a shotty game it’s not going to change! So quit trying to do stuff to change that.

Bugs/Network-Their is this bug in the game where my character stops running mid roadie run it was happening in the beta and it’s still in the game and also it’s really hard to plant a nade on the ground it doesn’t always want to plant.Network wise the pings are all over the place please address this ASAP!!

Damage omen- Please change it back to the old one it’s so hard to see when your in a gnasher fight and your taking damage.If not reduce the affect that it has on your vision to see your enemies!!

Stats/Rank- I noticed that it shows your K/d and stuff but you can’t see how many kills and deaths you have??? That makes no sense?? Another thing ,at the end of a match the game doesn’t show the ranks of people on your team or the team you played against like gears 4 did… what’s up with that??? I would like to know who I beat as far as rank goes!!!

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Does he actually come up with anything or is he just a spokesperson disguised as a developer?

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He has a lot to do with what gears 5 has become!

Rod ferguson and his fat ego is what’s ruining this game ,somebody please find Cliffy and put him in charge of gears it’s not to late to save the franchise just make sure Rod doesn’t speak at future meetings ,send him on a coffee run .It is clear that with his statements he has no respect for us veterans of the franchise .Hey Rod this is not fortnite so stop going in that direction this is GEARS a unique game in it’s own but your turning it into just another game .shame on you and your coalition.if Microsoft had any sense they should give it back to EPIC and if i can dream maybe try and get Clif back on board .


I just don’t like how they change too much and change things they don’t need to change!!