Rockstar weapon skins question

So to get the rockstar weapon skins you have to redeem 5 codes, but I was wondering if you unlock all four of them or whether you just get one of them?

on the 5th code you unlock 4 weapon skins but not Swarm and Circle K

Code 6 and 7 net you the Del and Swarm Lancers. :+1:
They are called bonus 1 and bonus 2. I did it this afternoon

Really? I thought those were only for the US?

If you go to Wally World (Wal-Mart) and buy any rockstar can (Doesn’t have to have the Gears 5 logo on it) you will get the code printed on the receipt for the swarm lancer and banner. If you go to walmart make sure to checkout with an actual cashier as others have complained that if you use the self-checkout the code doesn’t print. Additionally if you want multiple walmart rockstar codes, buy each can individually as buying multiple cans in one transaction only nets you one code.


If you get one Walmart code, and 1 circle k code, they each include a standard pack. So you would only need 3 branded cans.

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No, I have them. UK., All came bought from my local shop :wink:

if you make a GB account then code 6 and 7 redeems Swarm and Del


Pack 1 - Kait pack
Pack 2- JD pack
Pack 3 - Marcus pack
Pack 4 - Scoprion pack
Pack 5 - Lancer pack
Pack 6+ - 24 hour boost

Bonus Pack #1 - Has to be a can from circle k - Circle K (Del) bonus pack from sms
Bonus Pack #2 - Has to be a can from walmart - Walmart (Swarm) bonus pack on reciept

This is for those registered on rockstars website as participating country United States only.

If you register as Great Britain as your participating country then you get all 7 packs from your first 7 codes no matter where u get the cans from.

I still haven’t seen any of the cans in my area, nut good to know that Kait is the first one.

Just to clarify the “Bonus 1 and 2” can be redeemed in the UK.
I did it yesterday. I want to say it was code 6 and 7, but might have been 7 and 8. I currently have the nice Swarm Lancer with Ice Kait :+1:

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Yes, that’s exactly what I said

Then at code 8 you get 24 hr boosts.
I did this for my 2 sons accounts. Only took 7 cans per account.

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Yeah, to get to the Lancer skins you need at least 5 cans. First 4 are basically just banners

Only in the UK not US. you need the Walmart and Circle K codes to get those.


That may be isolated. I bought 18 cans and got 18 wal mart codes on the receipt. This is when i went and got the cans for you.


Yeah, but if you made a US account it will not let you switch so you need to use another email addy.

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Oh great - thanks for the heads up, didn’t know that.

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No problem