Rockstar Energy Skins Redeem Error

So I was having a problem redeeming some things from Rockstar energy. It kept giving me this error message; Xbox Login Error: Login_In_Progress: Error during login call - login is already in progress. So idk if I was doing something wrong or it was being stupid but for anyone else having those problems look at your email. I did this and I was sent an email from rockstar and was able to redeem my reward through the subsequent links. Man that was a hassle lol

Same here.

Any solution?

Same here

Check your email, they may have sent you an email that you can follow the links to redeem it via Microsoft

It took a bit a of time but the solution is pretty simple. The reason you can’t link your xbox account is because pop ups are being blocked inside google chrome. After you try to redeem and it kicks you back to the redeem screen look at the top of the page near the top right next to bookmarks it should show a icon with a red X if you hover over it or click it it should say pop ups are being blocked on this site after you click it should say allow pop ups on select allow and click ok and refresh your page go back log into your account after it says link xbox account it should take you to your log in screen after you put your info in it should redirect you to microsofts website to redeem your rewards. Hope this helps you all!

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