Rockstar Energy Drinks Entering Your Codes

So you are now able to redeem your codes on their website, available to unlock on the 1st of September.

It states there’s 6 packs to unlock, however if you put more codes in after the 6th unlock you get Walmart exclusive skins. Just a heads up.


I’ve never drank an energy drink but I might keep an eye out for these.

I guess ultimate edition owners will have to wait til the 10th before they can access these skins in game.

Just redeemed them all,I can sleep peacefully now knowing I got them! Thx for info and heads up!

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How many in total can you redeem before capping all rewards? 8? 9?

@RINZL3R_IADI I it’s 5 codes to redeem all after that your just banking xp boosts after 6+ codes.


Exactly. I redeemed about 10 codes total. After the 5th one I kept on receiving xp Boosts packs.


Thank you for clearing that up… still no cans available in my region… midwest… specifically south chicago… but hopefully I can get my hands on some… I have 2 sons and myself… sooooo I need 15 codes total lol

I’m sure the community will help you out? If I come across any spares I’ll help you out,worst case scenario…eBay. they are cheap on there.

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That’d be good either way. I do watch Ebay for sure. Bought my son the controller w/ice kate for his bday but I want ice kate lol… so probably Ebay a code. :smiley:


Where do you look for them best stores. i am in northern California Bay Area.

I checked Safeway and CVS and one liquor store.

Ok, so the weapon skins are different on the UK site. No Del or Swarm Lancer. Need 5 codes to unlock everything. Sixth onwards is 24 hour boost.

Pack 1 - 7 Days of Gold, 7 Days of Game Pass, Kait Banner, Supply Drop, 24 hour boost

Pack 2 - 7 Days of Gold, 7 Days of Game Pass, JD Banner, Supply Drop, 24 hour boost

Pack 3 - Marcus Banner, Supply Drop, 24 hour boost

Pack 4 - Scorpion Banner, Supply Drop, 24 hour boost

Pack 5 - Kait Lancer, JD Lancer, Marcus Lancer, Scorpion Lancer, 24 hour boost

Pack 6 - Currently offering Swarm Lan cer Swarm banner. 24 hour boost

Pack 7 - Currently offering Del Lance r, Del banner. 24 hour boost

Thanks to the community for confirming 6 and 7!


Hey. These skins pictured weren’t listed in the packs, after the 5th pack I put in I started to unlock these 2 skins (using 2 more codes)

I used 8 codes in total but the 8th unlock was a 24hour boost.

I been looking for these everywhere in the UK. I realised tonight after work that I been looking at monster.
Luckily the rockstar was right in front of me.
Only got 4 will have to go get another tomorrow lol.

I have uploaded 6 codes.

Here’s a free code for Gears 5 Rockstar.
Love Gears and hope someone that needs it will use it!



I used it. Thank you, man. The 1st pack had Kait design, which is probably the only one I would want. :slightly_smiling_face:

Next time I go shopping, I’m gonna have to look out for these.

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any spare left id appreciate any help

Been looking out for these too, every few days. No luck.

If anyone get a hold of extra codes I would love some.

My Co-op store stocked them for 2 weeks and recently said they have ran out of stock.

It might just be my local store being rubbish (as it always is), or they have underestimated demand, but I didn’t think Rockstar was that popular in the UK.

I got all mine from Asda, I could never find them in co-op.

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