Rockstar Energy Drink Codes

Hey guys, ive got all my codes i need i will share any additional ones i aquire , post here if your interested and you might get a surprise PM ! Also, how much do you guys down in USA pay for one drink, here in Canada its $2.00 a can $2.26 After taxes. Just wondering how big the differential is. PEACE AND LOVE! Im addicted to these things now… so when i find some fruit punch ones with codes im stalking up…


hello, i could use one

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They’re about $1.59-$2ish here depending on where you buy.

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If you happen to get a del lancer Circle K code that would be great. Thanks.

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I accidently messaged in reading the post wrong haha.
If you have an extra code wicked cool, if all out I appreciate the gesture. The cost per one is two dollars and fifty nine cents.

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there are gears chips ahoy codes?

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The only codes I need are circle k and walmart. Also here rockstars are a steady 2 for $3.50 at wawa always on sale

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Got any chips ahoy?

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I live in Brazil, there is not even sale here ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK, I wanted these Skins so bad, a pity not to have the sale here in Brazil. If you can pass me some code I’ll be forever grateful to you, add me on live GT: SToRM r SHaDoW
sorry english writing, I used translator :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: :brazil::brazil::brazil::brazil:

if anyone can pass me 1 code that is already would help me a lot …

I need some codes

Hit me up brother!

If you’re willing, I could use one or so. I suffer from polycystic kidney disease and kidney stones and I can’t even be tempted to buy an energy drink, otherwise I’ll be in bed for a week, writhing in pain. If you still have any to give out, it’d be much appreciated. If not, it’s a nice gesture for the ppl who get em.

Good on ya either way!!

Its according to where you buy them.2.49…But Walmart has the 1 you arw talking about.They haveGear5 tropical punch and Winn-Dixie…


I am very interested…
These cans aren’t available in my country. That’s why you are my only chance. :grinning:

Best regards.

If you have a code that you want to part with, I will happily take any you have. I live in Germany and have not seen any product with a possible code identified.

Picking up the Blueberry, Pomegranate & Acai ones for 79p over here in the UK… From HomeBargians for any fellow Englishmen… I actually hate the typical energy drink flavour but these are lovely!

I can only imagine how many requests will there be lol but if by any chance you are left with some codes I would appreciate it greatly, there is no Rockstar drinks here in stores (EU) whatsoever, so no way to get them but ebay and prices there are downright ludicrous, so no thanks for those.

Thanks for sharing and have a nice day :sunglasses::+1:

I would love lovee lovee to get a skin!
Here in my country they don’t sell those drinks so I will never get them :sob:

I dnt see anything on there website?