Rockstar Energy Cans

They will arrive within the next couple of weeks, the promotion period is quite lengthy.

The UK gets less cans to collect and a crappie versions, plus us gets extras if bought from sertain stores the UK don’t have, so not really fair

You get 7 days xbox gamepass and 7 days xbox live for each of first 2 ring pulls then banners and weapon skins supply drops and 24hr boosts

They do, well my local Tesco and Dunnes do, but they haven’t gotten in the gears5 cans, they are still rocking the Summer music festival ones. Really hope they start stocking gears 5. They probably will stock them after the promotion has ended, Did this with gears4 and destiny2

i think the only difference is the art, the us of course gets the better designs and more to collect, plus certain shops in us gives extra rewards, totally unfair to the uk

A better view of the rewards in uk

These as the glitch Bonus Packs I got in UK

I don’t think it’s a glitch as you can’t get them any other way and they are labelled “Bonus Packs”.

I just redeemed 5 cans and I noticed that I didn’t get pack 3. I got 1, 2, 4, 5, and then a one day boost…

There’s only supposed to be 3 different cans in the UK, but for the extra ones it says wallmart, asda was taken by wallmart so if you got them from asda that could be why you have them, it’s not fair, I don’t live near an asda, I want them cans, send me some codes :joy: :joy:

Nevermind, got them, 6th and 7th ring pull UK.

Hi all,

I have 2 sets of the below and 7 cans of Marcus.

I am missing DEl, Swarm and JD cans from the US. I like to trade to get them as well as the 4 UK.

not planning on using the codes i am done and have everything. i want it for collection.

Please reach out if your down to trade. we each pay shipping to one another not other cost.


Are the cans still out ? I can’t find anywhere

yes in the US.

if any one in the UK has they below unopened. Please HMU on Xbox chat.

I like work something out as i am collecting all the designs. i have 5 of the 6 US cans.