Rockstar Energy Cans

Hey all,can someone please clarify for me what’s the difference between the UK and US exclusive editions of the Gears 5 rockstar energy cans? Is it just the cans themselves that are the “exclusive” or is the content you redeem from the cans (UK) different from what you redeem from the cans (US) I know there are three cans available so far in the UK. But how many cans total??? Between UK and US? And how much content do you get? Is the content you redeem from the UK cans the same exact content you redeem from the US cans? Rockstar energy have no info on this or on the web…any info or input to put my mind at ease would be much appreciated.

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6 cans for the US, + 3 for Europe. All with different art. The rewards have not yet been revealed.

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I managed to Horde all 4 different designs available in my region (Germany).


Thanks for the info and pictures very much appreciate it

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These are the 3 cans available in the UK

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whats the deal with these should we be getting them? i do not drink Rock star, so little out of my depth on this.

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I don’t drink it either but they have in game redeemable codes under the ring pull which you can enter from sept 1st onto the rockstar website not sure what each code gives you but I think it might be xp or boosts hope this helps

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Yes thanks i pick some up. who knows maybe i like it…

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Alls I’ve been able to find in Chicago area is destiny 2 cans still… :rage:

In what region do you live and in what store have you found them? I´ve been looking for them everywhere. :open_mouth: I live in NRW and I looked at Rewe, K+K, Lidl, Aldi and Marktkauf. Couldn´t find a single one. :frowning:

I’m in Ireland and they don’t sell rockstar energy drinks here full stop! It’s a joke…

3 out of 4 at Kaufland and 1 at REWE

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I don’t think the Cans themselves have specific rewards but we will know all on 1st September :+1:

i am yet to see any cans here in the US

In what region do you live? I can´t find any at my Rewe. I live in NRW, around Münster.

They probably all on eBay.

But there’s about still a well left before the promotion officially opens up anyway.


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Rewards revealed. Site shows 6 cans so perhaps here in UK there are 3 more to come out


I’ve only seen the blue one in stores.

Iv got cans 1, 2 and 3 all at asda can 4 is the lancer skins I think but as say no sign of 4 5 and 6 yet