Rockstar energy cans. is the promotion over?

Does anyone know if they’re still available because I can’t find them anywhere. Which stores sell them in the US?

I dunno who sells them in your area but usually 7-11’s, gas stations places like that have

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Dude I’ve checked, 7-Eleven, Walmart, Circle k and Target. None of them have them which is why I’m concerned the promotion might be over

Promotion just officially started, but they’ve done a very slow roll out of the cans in certain markets since June/July. I just barely have found any here in Utah, and it has only been the fruit punch flavor. I remember for Gears 4 it was the same way, it was about a month in before all variants started showing up more regularly. I think the promo goes through the end of Nov or Dec.

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Im pretty sure rockstar is owned by pepsi. Also it isnt the most popular of the energy drinks. If you see Rockstar somewhere it just might be it doesnt sell enough that the promo cans have been put out