Rockstar Codes Giveaway 2 *Over*

I should have 4 full sets of the Rockstar packs second of which I am giving out today, will do the others tomorrow onwards.

These are the 25 digit xbox codes so no need to register with Rockstar just redeem on the xbox website or console, some regions it might show as not valid on the xbox website so for those redeem on the console if you get time and someone has not redeemed by then.

After the 4 sets I do not have any more email addresses to use so will give out the 40+ can codes I have currently.

This is what you will get if you’re quick enough (thanks to GearsCharacters for the pics)


Pack 1 - Kait Banner, 24 hour boost, supply drop
Pack 2 - JD Banner, 24 hour boost, supply drop
Pack 3 - Marcus Banner, 24 hour boost, supply drop
Pack 4 - Scorpion Banner, 24 hour boost, supply drop
Pack 5 - Kait, Lancer, JD Lancer, Marcus Lancer, Scorpion Lancer, 24 hour boost
Pack 6 - Bonus Wallmart Swarm Lancer, Swarm Banner, 24 hour boost
Pack 7 - Bonus Circle K Del Lancer, Del Banner, 24 hour boost

I will post a pack code every 10/15 minutes or so if nothing comes up till pack 4, Pack 5,6 and 7 post mentioning which pack you want, I will pick 3 random posts as winners ……… Good Luck :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems I can not reply post until someone posts after me, that’s a pain :unamused: so I will edit my last post with the next pack code if there are no replies after mine.


Im ready lol

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Pack 1


Edit: Redeemed

too slow lol

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Pack 2




Edit: Redeemed

Got 1…Thank you

I don’t even understand how to type what you send 0.0 xD may be too stupid

Pack 3

… 2PM2X
//… 3FG9Z

Edit: Redeemed


You are a great person. Im very thankful for the 1 I got

Well personally i stop there, not smart enough to understand in which order use it :smile: Good luck everyone !

Open up Xbox redeem on website or console and input code to receive gift, I might make it a bit difficult by adding bits to it but basically its 25 digit number split in 5 segments like the screen below

This is actually Pack 4 code :slight_smile:

Edit: Redeemed

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Ill reply so you can put another out

I need to be AFK for a bit so for packs 5,6 and 7 post and mention which pack you want
I will pick 3 random posts for the winners

Pack 5 - 4 x Lancer Skins
Pack 6 - Swarm SKin
Pack 7 - Del SKin

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pack 7 PLEASE!!!

I’d like pack 5 to complete the collection.

6 please

Pack 5 - 4 x Lancer Skins

Pack 7 to RED
Pack 5 to Mr Chrodon
Pack 6 to simo949

End of giveaway…

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All I need is the del lancer and swarm lancer. BTW if I find any more chips ahoy I will either give them away or send them to u for giving away. PS if anyone had the del lancer or the pre order lancers, I’m willing to trade some gamepass.