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Rockstar codes are messed up and im heated :(

I put in 5 different codes and when i go to redeem it wont let me log in my xbox account and keeps giving me this ■■■■■■■■ error :Xbox Login Error: The client info could not be parsed/decoded correctly. Please review the trace to determine the root cause. Failed with error: InvalidCharacterError: Failed to execute ‘atob’ on ‘Window’: The string to be decoded is not correctly encoded. and i know im entering it correctly lol


Wouldnt this be something to bring up with Microsoft as you redeem the codes through them

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hmm im not sure i put the code on the rockstar website and wont let me connect my account to redeem it so im not sure who to contact then lol. Trying to see if anyone else has this problem

Im not 100%. Someone gave me a Microsoft code for the Del Lancer . From what it seems you put the rockstar code in on their website and they give you a Microsoft code. I have seen anyone post the problem you are having


:confused: hmm okay ill just keep researching then. thanks :slight_smile:

@Petrie4u you to? so it’s not just me then? :thinking: and @ll_R_E_D_l like a code generator? how come it works for you? lol

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Had this also bro! Which browser you using? I did it with Safari all the time and then I tried to google chrome. After I pressed redeem it sent me to link Xbox account … I pressed it and then you need to fill you email and password. Tap automatically log in and then it will be okay!!! Good luck…

Safari was blocking my window for logging in to microsoft

I didnt actually get any rockstar as I cant find them in my area. But someone was giving out rockstar codes on here and they were just MS store codes.

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Gee… :hushed::frowning: i wish there was an explanation for this promotion that Gears is having with Rockstar and that codes worked perfectly for others? my friend uses the same browser and entered a Tab code over and over and got everything?? i just want some Kool wicked Rockstar skins rip… :sob:

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Maybe a timing issue.

I redeemed mine before the game even came out. Seems like you’re having issues with the servers communicating.


I hope they fix it soon! :sob: lol

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First I was doing it on google on my phone then I tried chrome on my computer and still gave me the error code :confused:

I gotta say? :thinking: the codes from the Chips Ahoy :cookie: are pretty decent than the Rockstar i mean couldn’t ‘They’ have made it simple like the Chips Ahoy site? it really needs fixing otherwise? who wants to go on strike?? lol jkjk :laughing:

Funny? cause i tried the same thing and guess what? still nada… :pensive:

Same here im geting the same error for my del code :confused:

been having the same issue for weeks

is there any chance that this will get fixed?

Bruh, I have had this same problem since Sept 28, I reached to Xbox support but they said it is completely related to the page, so when I try to contact rockstar support it seems that they don’t care.

How did u guys fixs the error codes because I did the steps and I states an error?

Did you ever find a solution I have this problem as we speak?