Rockstar code trade

Hi guys,

I’ve got 2 spare rockstar codes if anyone is willing to trade for chips ahoy codes?

PM me if interested


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I also have spare rockstar codes. This seems like the best sub to start a code trade place

I’m in Texas went to the Walmart store closest to me being that it’s the 3rd of September I was seein if the exclusive code would be printed but I haven’t had any luck this morning going to try a another Walmart but I can get more of the scorpion cans from a vendor I know I’d be willing to trade since I’ve already got the lancer skins just missing the Walmart 1 and the circlek 1

If anyone has any they plan on giving away I would appreciate it, I still haven’t been able to find these.

I’ve got all the rockstar codes now. Just need the chips ahoy codes since I don’t think you can get them here in the UK.

If I manage to get anymore rockstar codes I’ll update the amount up for trade. Any codes I have left after that I’ll look into giving away.

Walmart here has an abundance of the Gears 5 Chips ahoy but this town has like no rockstar relating to Gears 5 I might just down all of these cookies so I can get what I need and might look into seeing if i can get spare codes to trade and such but I know if I do a lot of cookies are gonna meet their end in the trash can because I´m not eating all of that.

Closing thread as we don’t allow trading threads as we can’t offer a system that prevents people from being scammed.