Rockstar circle k and wallmart codes

I’ve read a few posts about people asking about the wallmart and circle k codes, I don’t know if anyone realises that all you have to do is enter a 7th and 8th code to get the stuff, that’s what I did I don’t have any of those stores where I live and I have the wallmart and circle k skins, unless I was just lucky, if ur still after them give it a try it’s the 7th and 8th code

That’s a Canada thing. Not a U.S. thing. In the U.S. you have to go to walmart or circle K to get their exclusive items. If you go to walmart and buy rockstar, the code prints on the receipt. If you go to Circle K and buy rockstar, you have to enter your phone number on the screen at checkout and they’ll text you the code. Entering subsequent codes after you have unlocked the main rockstar skin set only nets you 24 hour boost in the U.S. so you have to go to walmart and circle k to get their exclusives.

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If you’re from EU then all codes are the same. North America has store exclusive codes.

What do you mean all EU codes are same?

It means that the 6th and 7th codes entered gets you the Wal Mart and Circle K lancer skins.

In the US we have to get the code from the store to get them. Circel K is very hard, but i finally got mine.

if you register on the GB Rockstar website the 6th and 7th code gives you swarm and del skins

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If your account is set to UK or Germany then all codes are the same regardless of where you got them from. All 7 codes can be acquired from any can purchased in any store.

For North American accounts you have the “standard” codes and then the “exclusive stores” codes such as Walmart and Circle K.

You don’t have to go to wallmart or circle k to get them, I’m in the UK, I don’t have an wallmart, circle k or asda by me, I bought ordinary cans from the paper shop by me and got all the special stuff, I got them with the 7th and 8th codes I entered

That was my point. Yes I only mentioned Canada, but my point was that your solution only works outside of the U.S.

Its not where you buy the cans unless in the US. It depends on if your register your account US vs UK/Germany etc,