Robotics Expert's Experimental Weapons card needs another buff, doesn't it

Grenadier Elite grenades kill everything in record time, and sometimes they do a silent stealth throw.

Excluding Promos then is DR-1 the worst Ultimate in the game? I get that it shouldn’t be an unstoppable killing machine but it should be able to hold its own. I think the new enemy sets didn’t do it any favours.

LeBron James.

He is capable of killing things on his own but you need to hold his hand. He also can get killed fast if the meanies come out to play. But he isn’t the worst ultimate in the game. Out of all of the Promos, the only bad one is Striker’s (big surprise) since Protector can, well protect himself and his friends, Architect’s is a good distraction and opens the door to more powerful blows and recharges fast and Slugger’s is good at stopping enemies in their tracks.

Stun locking bosses isn’t bad.
Especially if you have the mace and kill them as a result.
Silly goose.

How Slugger’s works needs looking at.
Unless you’re using a shotgun, it’s output is meh.

But it gives you no protection so if you aren’t attacking an enemy that is all alone, you are screwed.

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Each hit should be giving you enough stim and hp to not go poop.
But if it gave additional resistance during, itd be a healthy addition, especially since the CD is quite low.

Cyclopes shooting you would like a word with you. The stim won’t save you from many things like more than one enemy that isn’t a Sniper or Grenadier of some sort (not the Flame ones) from ending you.

What engineers in this game need is a new passive which says “GoW4 Dropshot and Torquebow”

One shot headshot kills on nonbosses with Drop and Torque.

Engineer was a very effective class in GoW4 because of those 2 weapons. You would be repairing, moving fortifications, etc, when team would need help you pull our your drop/torque and yoy could help take out scion or DR1…

It sucks how much they nerfed those weapons for everyone.

Bring them back for engineers, and yoy dont need any of those stuuuuupid micromanaging weapon cards (you know, “if you have a db weapon and if the enemy’s health is between 85% and 25% and if enemy is between 5m and 20m away, THEN you get a 30% damage boost, BUT only actives.”

Obviously i am not being literal but thats what it feels like…