Robotics Expert's Experimental Weapons card needs another buff, doesn't it

At level 6, the card gives Deebee weapons a 100% damage buff, right? (I have it at level 3 and am extrapolating). Meanwhile, the Mechanic’s Custom Robotics card gives a 60% damage buff and a 30% increase to damage on actives. I don’t know the math on actives for sure, but I think that means that the Mechanic is doing 90% more damage with active rounds. That’s barely any lower than the Robotics Expert’s card, and that buff is active all the time as long as you have active rounds, which is trivially easy to do, rather than only on targets under half health. Even on Trishots and Salvos, which can’t get actives, or when you just don’t have an active, the Mechanic is still enjoying a 60% damage buff, while the Robotics expert only gets its 100% damage buff on the bottom half of the enemies health bar, which translates to a 50% damage increase overall. Isn’t the Robotics Expert supposed to be the “more shooty, less buildy” engineer class? Why is it actually worse at killing things than the Mechanic? And it’s paying more for that lowered damage, too, since Experimental Weapons is an Epic card while Custom Robotics is only Rare.


His ultimate need a buff too. DR-1 is useless…

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Not really in Damage, but HP Buff itself is needed.

Kinda useless in Later Wave ( > Lethal x 2.0) that it can be destroyed very quick.

Boss like Kestrel / Carrier / Stump / Sentinel / Guardian / Wakaatu / Snatcher is Good to use.

RE has Headshot Damage Perk while Mechanic doesn’t have. Re Outputing Damage is still better than Mechanic.

At least I can sometimes get MvP on Damaging using the Ember only.

But I think the Restriction on Bleeding Precision Weapon is kind of high that make the Ultimate being useless like Brawler’ Inner Fire that fixed your own playstyle. If it can bypass the Restriction, I think he’s much Better in Escape, let alone in Horde.

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Id say an AI fix as well, my DR-1 never does its job. at this point I might as well take off the bleed damage perk for it and throw on the bleeding precision card.

Did you Mark the Enemies ?

yep, even with marks it takes 10 years to actually move on the target.

when I mean move, I mean like actually move and shoot the target.

Sounds Weird because my “Pet” works pretty well in fighting the Bosses.

I usually use him as a bullet sponge (insert marcus voice)
for when things get hairy. for carriers and snatchers it does well but other wise its just really slow and unaware of its surroundings.

Maybe you need to reach some Distance to the Enemies, so the DR-1 can locate the Enemies and “Bang”.

I mean if you’re too far away from the Enemies, the DR-1 is just waiting near you.

Ill give that a go, but otherwise I will indulge in DR-1 slander lol. from my experiences anyways.


I would like if they slowly increased the enemy health percentage at which Experimental Weapons triggers. If the fully upgraded skill triggered at 75% health or less I’d be happy.


I agree on the health buff for DR-1. It definitely needs it since it can be killed pretty fast at times.

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A bit off topic but what are the go too builds for Robotics Expert?
It is a bit weird having skills be tied to enemy health especially if it is so rare to pull off maybe they should change the health value to be a bit more forgiving like Pidgon said.

It’s meant to be the Engineer/sniper class that repairs fortifications with precision weapon kills. So its damage buffs reflect that. With critical damage perked (I think it’s 50%) which Mechanic doesn’t get you can potentially be doing 100% + 30% + 50% damage to enemies under 50% health with headshots which is significantly more than the mechanic can do.

It’s not though is it? At least not if you use the RE in the way that it’s intended—precision repair kills.

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I don’t know what everyone else uses but this is my RE build:

Combat Engineer
Bloody DR1
Precision Repairs
Experimental Weapons
Inspired Sniping

Sometimes I swop out Inspired Sniping for Global Overclock depending on the team makeup and how many heavy damage doers and weapon locker dependent players there are which means the DR1 wouldn’t be needed as much and faster locker reloads would be more useful.

Don’t agree. I’ve lost count of the number of times the DR1 has saved the day. His bleed damage rips through the flock, carriers and sentinel/guardians at lower wave levels. Particularly useful if no-one else on the team is doing bleed damage.

You do need to mark enemies for him to shoot at though!

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So it could be down to the daily modifiers as of late but why does the DR-1 get destroyed in what feels like 1 hit, It could use a health buff for sure or add to the existing Ult card that it gains damage resistance alongside the bleeding rounds.

Watching a DR-1 get stunlocked to death due to the shock chain modifier was funny the first time but this is supposed to save us and used as a last resort.

Grenadier Elite locust style.
Their grenades take them out pretty much instantly.

PGs, Therons, Mulcher, Boomshot, Dropshot Scions and Kestrels kill him fast too.