Robotics Expert - Repair cost perk broken

Repairs are free either way.

@TC_MichaelAOS If there’s another TU at the end of OP8 to put the game on autopilot - would it be possible to replace repair costs with the movement speed perk instead for Baird?

Is the perk even broken or are you just trying to get the class a powerful perk


I rather have Presicion Rifle Damage… :joy:


His Critical Damage perk is broken, too. It should max at +5000% damage, not 50. Thanks.

Basically, you want the Relic EMBAR.

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Relic Embar is so crazy OP with both Marksman and Robotics…and to think I’ve seen some people say they want relic weapons in the fab

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Repair cost is by far the most useless perk in the game for ANY class. Even during 50s where energy is plentyfull it’s pointless to perk into that when the only thing you’ll ever repair is taps or lockers that got boomed.

Those barriers aren’t gonna carry themselves. More damage isn’t gonna change that. Would be nice if we could get that for fort-health instead though.

i played countless frenzys and 50s and never had a problem carrying barriers… but i wan’t to be able to carry with the embar and longshot when the randoms are trash mate

It’s boring. There was a missed opportunity to further lend to the uniqueness of engineers in Horde by not having identical perks.

I will get frustrated playing as Baird/RE on higher difficulties, especially with randoms. Go through most of my EMBAR rounds with active criticals only to have some Rambo steal the kills I needed for barriers.

50% more damage from the precision weapons perk isnt going to negate bad players, but I’d take it over RE’s repair perk in a heartbeat.

Mechanic/Architect could each get capacity or ammo regen. If you actually use Del’s Enforcer card ammo will be an issue. Likewise with the Architect. Ideally your Ult will stay up as long as you have enough ammo to keep shooting.


Yeah I occasionally make my team dizzy.

I encourage them to shoot my marked target when I’m Jack, but when I’m Baird, I’m all “HANDS OFF MY FREE REPAIR.”

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