Robot Expert, why is my robot not a terminator?

He spends half the time just wandering around, but the enemy robots are terminators and punish you

Isnt it the same AI?

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Maybe take another swing at writing a subject line there, chief.

We gotchu


He follows you like a lost puppy and is very derpy. But sometimes, he attacks and if he does and you have Bloody DR-1 on, he can kill surprisingly well.

I have another question.

In Escape if you use DR1 in the LZ and the bot goes inside the hive as the doors close you get a penalty for losing a “teammate”.



I guess since it counts as a teammate in game.

Which is stupid tbh.
I think the same thing happens with Del’s balls.

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the trick with the Dr is to 1. Mark the Enemy and 2. be Close to it (which in alot of Cases of course is pretty dangerous)

I suppose, but wtf does it use a different AI compared to the enemy, that was not necessary

The AI doesn’t have to prioritize targets based on player inputs (i.e. marks) or follow around a character that isn’t something it should shoot at.

In any game, when the AI is with you it sucks, but when it is against you, It is OP !