Road to gears 5 Rerun

Please do a rerun of road to gears 5 pls!!!

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Not gonna happen.


Maybe another way to get the content in the future

Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all not craftable at some point. Content wasn’t that great anyhow.

I rarely see any gilded skin in the game. A few black phantom skins and an occasional esports Kait.



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The enthusiasm has been stolen from you man.


Im just so tired of these post. People missed it. End of story. Stop asking.


I remember after GoW 3 was out for a while going back to gears 2 and grinding to finish getting my wings just so I could get the gold skins in gears 3. Great feeling when I finally got it. I hate all this timed exclusivity nonsense.


Guilded JD and guilded marcus are actually quite nice… the rest :man_shrugging:
I use ice kate from getting the controller…
I do use the Gilded skins for most of the weapons too but that’s just because there’s really not anything else to use right now

And no I don’t think the challenges should ever come back into play… if you missed it you missed it

I did miss out on gilded RAAM and Phantom skins cuz I was playing a different game at the time and didn’t even know the challenge was going on

Same Problem. I have 10 re-ups in Gears 4 but now Reward for me. Disappointed :weary:

Agree. It’s not like they gave a week to get them. I played 4 since it came out . The hardest achievement to get was waiting buddy to play coop in the campaign… People had the chance to get them. Just have a feeling though it will eventually be availible to all at a price.


It sucks for the people who had all the prerequisites completed for the challenges, but we unable to login at the time.

I had every challenge but the Kait eSports one done, but only got the guilded weapons, because I wasn’t able to login during the time period.

That’s unfair IMHO. I completed the challenges, I should get the rewards.

But alas, it’s not going to happen

I know there was a bunch of problems during the stream and if you had problems logging in there was a thread about it. But the Esports Kait should of had different requirements to get it

Sorry, I should have been clearer.

I couldn’t login to the game itself during the time period.

It just sucks that I did all the missions but didn’t get to claim anything because I was unable to login during the timeframe

I’m not 100% but I dont think you needed to log in. If you completed the requirements then it should have been added to your inventory


It was exclusive prep-up for GoW5 with date limitations.

I didn’t unlock RaaM because I hated to play VS with him, but now I am sorry because he looks amazing in GoW5.

That’s the only RoadTo5 that I’m missing !

So, don’t cry.

You missed it.

Deal with it.


Lool the gold skins in gears 3 were so ugly imo, the gears 2 gold skins on the lancer and hammy were so clean omg.


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Is everything crying to you? I swear I see you post that everywhere.


Short and sweet. Payload delivered.

Either way comprehensive understanding in calm and peaceful manner of game issues is big problem for many forum participants due to severe cranial limitations so I just give 1% of effort.

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Well perhaps you should give some of us more credit.

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