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Road to Gears 5: Gilded Scion broken?

Is this broken? My friend that is not that good at all (no disrespect) has 16%, and I only have 20%, and in the last 3 days. I dropped a 76 kill game, then a 40, then a 53 kill game, and then NUMEROUS 20+ kill games… How in the world have I not gotten the - No lie, I just looked back over at my Xbox, and the reason hit me like a ton of bricks. The reason I don’t have the achievement is because I was doing this on the PC version of the game from the Microsoft Store. When I signed into my account on Xbox and opened the game (because GOW on PC crashes CONSTANTLY) I got the Guilded Marcus achievement. So, apparently, everything you do on PC does NOT carry over progress to the Xbox version of the game. Achievement wise, anyway. So, if anyone plays this game on PC, are they able to get these guilded characters? I really hope this is not the case.

Short Answer: No, this is not the case. I’ve done most of the achievements in PC version.

Troubleshoot Answer: Check if you have the latest update for xbox app in Windows Store…

Contact TC for help via twitter if the problem still exists…

Nope. I have the latest version of the Xbox App. So, I should have every up to date, and nothing to have to correct.

I’m going through twitter and community’s post to check if there was an issue related to PC.

Bear with me please.


Check out the following topic: (Specifically Ghost’s reply)

Alright. Mine was disabled as I don’t like my information be sniffed into. Thank you!

EDIT: Can I still get the Guilded RAAM? It says I have the achievement, but no RAAM in sight.


Have you scrapped that beauty by any chance?

As I was typing the message, I think I have, but then something else hit me. I’ve never in my life seen the Black Phantom weapon skin, yet, I have the Guilded RAAM achievement. Makes no sense.

Check your cards, you should have them

Edit: As I feel that I have answered the topic’s question, there is no need to continue this conversation.

Anyway, use this link to check again:


I don’t. And judging by your reply, I see you have no clue why I don’t have them either lol.

Good question. TC has confirmed if you have the challenge you will get the skins in Gears 5,so at the very least that should be fine. Not sure why it isn’t working for Gears 4. Did you get the unlock pop before the cutoff date or after. May seem like a stupid question but it was possible for it to pop afterwards in rare circumstances.

I got the achievement right after was released. Like maybe a couple of days after, and that was a couple of months ago, so I have no clue exactly when I got it or if it popped up on my screen, but all’s I know is that I have the achievement, and I sold my RAAM.

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