Road to Gears 5: Gilded Marcus Achievement not unlocking

I updated my game on monday and i unlocked marcus immediately but i completed the coop campaign with my brother a few hours later and still dont have the gilded kate.:sob::joy:

Ok thanks man i’ll give it a try…

That’s because the Gilded Kait challenge hasn’t gone live yet. It only goes live on 1 August.

Yea i had just seen that right after i posted that

Thank you for posting this dude!!!

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I’m having the same Issue as well. Gilded Marcus is at 100% completed and still not unlocking. I’ve hard rested my console and played a few games and uninstalled and reinstalled the game and nothing. I’ve got the emblem and the scion and JD and no Marcus… iExplosive0421 is my gamer tag

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That’s exactly what is happening to me, hopefully fixed soon…

Same .the achievement says locked but is 100% complete, i guess its not registering the completed challenge. I still havent recieved gilded marcus.

Has anyone gotten their Marcus yet? My daughter’s finally popped yesterday, but I am still waiting.

Having the same issue. I have over 90 achievements and it shows 100% completed but won’t unlock .

I got the Marcus yesterday. I completed another in-game achievement and a few minutes later I got the Gilded Marcus unlocked. I already had 127 before the one I got yesterday and I was having the same issue

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Mine just went as well. :grin:

I have same issue as well. I finished all 164 achievements. I hope they fix this ASAP.

My gamertag: Master Irishman

Same thing happened just happened to me. It finally unlocked after getting a different achievement that wasnt one of the “road to gears 5” achievements

I’m havin the same problem phara0gucci

Hey, has anyone gotten Esports Kait unlocked? I watched a full hour of eleague along with completing 5 matches of escalation but the eleague challenge doesn’t have a checkmark.

Because the ELeague stream you’re supposed to watch is the one in July featuring the debut of Gears 5 Versus.


Oh shoot, I didn’t even realize I thought it was on June. My bad man thanks.

No worries. Happens to all of us and you’re definitely not the first to make that mistake.

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