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Road To Gears 5 - Boost Challenge - Horde - Glitch / Exploit

Hello everyone.

A quick FYI, the Road to Gears 5 Boost challenge (Complete Three Horde Games) is glitched so you can just load up Private Horde at wave 50, spam Sniper Strike it, and that counts.

You’re welcome! :smiley:


Just to clarify (as if I haven’t clarified enough) - in terms of specifics it is the FINAL WAVE of a Horde match that needs to be completed so it’s not exclusively wave 50. If you set the Horde match to a 25 wave match like Juvie Madness or Boss Rush then starting and clearing wave 25 works too.

Sniper Strike spams are just a quick and easy way of doing it. Obviously it’s not essential if you don’t have Sniper Strike to a high enough level (or at all). Completing the final wave - 25 or 50 in ANY manner also works but may be harder and take more time.


Nice. My wife and I were just going to snowplow some juvie.

I just wasted like 3 hours before reading this…

Not like I had a maxed out Sniper Strike anyway.

Once, it could be done with a level 3 sniper strike on insane (I’m not sure about now after TC blew up Blood Drive), So possibly doable on casual with a lower strike, on a map where you can hide from the boss.

I just did juvies on casual with a mostly maxed scout.

Well at least it doesn’t require Insane, if some people might complain…

Thanks for the info - seeing how you can do either a 25 or 50 wave, may do the 25 and see how that goes…

Yeah I took 4 friends into a private match and got all of us the achievement. Ez

My wife and I just did normal, casual wave 50 as 2 scouts. Took about 20 minutes. Challenge complete. :grinning:


How do you do it cause I did wave 25 3 times got nothing

I dunno if it works on wave 25. I just did it on wave 50 as it’s the last one and that’s the one that counts.

Maybe you have to change the settings in the lobby to a 1-25 waves mode like Juvies or Bosses? Press the start button and change the enemy types to one of the 1-25 variants.

Alternatively just do the normal enemy variants and do wave 50. It works on casual mode too. Spamming Sniper Strikes is the quickest way but completing it any other ways work too.

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Thanks for the info mate

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Y’all are a bunch of cheaters.

You’re supposed to sit in public horde lobbies and deal with everyone leaving at wave 1 about 35 times until you finally find a match an hour later where everyone sticks together and works together and it’s beautiful. Only to find out they all leave on wave 20. Rinse and repeat.

You make me sick


Thanks for the info man got it .
All this for 3 days boots tho doesn’t the ultimate edition give 30 anyway?

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I just did normal full matches of Horde because its fun xD


Some of us Kitten have lives and we want to make the most of our time …. glad to see you have more time on your hands to do all that -

Basically what you want to do is get to the private lobby, hit start, then A, and then move the stick so that it says Juvie Madness. Then back out to the lobby, select level 25 and you’re good. I had 2 rounds of pouncers and a round of the rocket gaurdians to deal with, but it was doable.

Well, sitting in a Horde lobby full of quitters would make me sick, so better you than me! :grin:


I don’t know how you guys are doing this so easy. I have been trying this on loads of different maps on casual with lvl 5 sniper. Managed 1 victory. Keep spawning Snatchers.

I recommend Dam with Carrier as boss and place fabricator in spawn area - it takes ages to reach you and (should) be the last enemy standing. I debated using a 200-kill bounty and shooting its’ projectiles for an extra bonus, but just killed it asap.
IIRC I had four attempts - 3 were Carrier and 1 was Snatcher. Peek out at the start and if it’s not a Carrier that spawns get killed quickly and reload - it’s quicker than starting from scratch (make sure Ironman is ‘off’ though).
Good luck! :+1::muscle:

Speyer is another good map. The Swarmack won’t touch you if you leave him alone (usually). If you get a Kestrel, just quit and try again. You’ll have to finish a few stragglers and the boss off sometimes. Other times everything dies rather easy.

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I noticed that Casual mode actually spawns more enemies. I was spamming Sniper Strikes (maxed level 6) and ran out of money!

But if you do it on’s well within budget even if you use Radar Ping too - I do the ping-ping-strike combo which reportedly does extra damage. I even did it on my secondary account with only a level 4 Sniper Strike.l and level 6 Radar Ping.

I recommend Checkout and dragging the Fabricator into one of the small Boltok / Retro Lancer rooms so the enemy can’t really shoot at you.

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