Road to gears 5 achievements and website tracker not working

Sorry if this has been addressed in another thread if so please redirect me to it but I’ve been stuck at 240/250 kills for the scion for two days now. I just got 78 kills in a KOTH match and none of them registered. Not on the website tracker or the achievement one. I seen people say that it may not pop up on the website tracker but it’s not counting towards the achievement either. I’m having the same issue with completing the campaign in co-op. I’ve just did it last night with a buddy of mine and neither of us got it. Idk what to really do since it was working fine just a week ago. Am I screwed outta those two characters now?

Sometimes the servers are playing catch up and it can take a while to update.

I’d give it 24 hours and see what happens.

If not, probably Twitter is your best bet for support.

I’ll wait it out and if nothing I’ll try twitter. Thanks for the response

Hopefully it starts working for you again :+1: