RNG ranking looooooooooooooool

I swear it’s just RNG… lmao

They have no idea wtf they are doing. At least I got points for the round we… lost?

Here’s muh prize!

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I was -3 points away from -400…

good god…

Yep. If you lose the first round you will lose points for winning the next two rounds. It’s the same in TDM. It’s broken.

It’s so infuriating. The system needs fixing asap.

It’s like TC are saying: “GG on winning the match! But you lost the first round, so screw you. Negative points!”

I’m sure there’s a bug in their code that ends up making the system think you have lost any further rounds if you lose the first one

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I was actually noticing something similar. I thought it might be exactly that, but after just looking at some screenshots, there are a few times where I unfairly lose points on a 2-0, or I gain points on one of the round wins in a 2-1 scenario as you described.

Anyway, certainly seems like a straight up bug to me. The last game was a 4v5 entirely and the middle game was a 4v5 for the last 1.5 rounds. Maybe quitting introduces another bug? I’m not sure.


Clearly you’re not a D I A M O N D caliber player and it’s pegging you down to Onyx 3 where you belong.

But seriously, I think it’s a better strategy to just go for kills and throw the game overall once you’ve lost the first round. Make sure your kills are meaningless and don’t clear the ring for your teammates to capture.

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Meh being Diamond on 5 doesn’t mean much.

I think I found the solution.

Keep losing.


so i figured out how it works if you mvp and win u losemassive points if u lose but do okay you gain like a 100 so just lose games if you want to rank up i dropped a 100 kill game mvp and lost 1072 points games a ■■■■■■■ joke

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My favourite (this is from the same match):

Hate to say it but I’ve finally given up, I won’t be renewing my game pass which is a shame because I really want to keep playing but not worth the aggravation.

And it’s not my personal performance, I hard carry 95% of my matches.

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Good god… of course, why didn’t I think to lose in order to ‘win’… I should know TC well enough by now to have tried that.

Some gears mates of mine are locked in silver with this same type of scoring nonsense as well.

At first I thought maybe it was due to the rank ladder reset/tweaking from a few weeks back catching up to those who don’t play very often… but honestly, I got no effin clue.

TC just absolutely sucks at math apparently.