River, is it viable to build outside?

Does anybody know of a spot to build outside? I managed frenzy indoors but there is no way I’ll manage 2 hours cramped inside.

Also, is there a trick or tips regarding the close range gambit? My experience with randoms playing CQC classes is poor at best. I usually play engineer, jack or sniper.

Aiming for Master 1-50.

Here’s a video I made 5 months ago showing an outside build. Wicked, Ultra and I do this every time we play and it works amazingly well. Its a pretty short video. The setup works for like every class. You can have 1 person on the bridge. A person up in the tower if you want still like a demo or marksman. And we usually have a few CQC running around the maps. Its a pretty light build just need barriers and lockers really.


You can also build in the PVP spawn areas and also take control of the smaller house. Perfectly doable. If anything the two-storey houses are the suboptimal choice cos they’re so cramped. All it takes is something like a Wakaatu (and their poison pools); a Bastion-shielded heavy; or Matriarch and you’re cornered.

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Wow, just wow. I was looking for a few basic tips and you came up with a doctorate on how to do it.

Thank you very much.


I tried the spawns a few times but didn’t work well, we were either running like headless chickens or were swarmed by the lack of barriers since no tap would survive more than a wave or two.

Thanks for the input though.

We’d normally push up much more, and this includes the river as well so we’d have barriers at the bridge arches. Aside from that, there’s another tap which spawns close to the smashed car that can be captured and held too.

@RelaxingKoty’s suggestion is better but relies on everyone knowing what to do and where the spawns are (cos you’ll get enemies spawning in both PVP spawn areas). I find that some players struggle with enemies spawning and approaching from different directions. Setting up in one of the PVP spawns is just an old fashion traditional approach.


Yeah this setup definitely requires people to know whats going on. With the fab being in a weird spot people have to remember to keep enemies off of it if they get close.

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That makes perfect sense, better or not, people will flee at the sight of a weird spot yet they’ll give it a chance with a more standard approach.

Will give it a go with both methods and see how it goes. thanks to you both.

It is definitely viable but difficult to find people that will do it, same with people that are obsessed with the arcade room

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This is exactly what happened, joined a game as engineer and placed it outside and host kicked me at once. I hosted another one and people left as soon as they realized base was going to be outside. The lobby’s name? “River, base outside” but it seems to me they thought I was joking.

Got a few “noob”, “fake lv 20” and “you suck” comments.

Joined another game as Infiltrator, stayed outside for about 48 waves, finished it and chances are I’ll never ever play that map again. I know the “meta” is inside but it seems trying to get some fun out of the game is against the rules or something.

Classic Dunning-Kruger Effect at work here. Bit sad that many people aren’t at least even curious or open-minded to try something different.

Finally, a thread about river.

we never build inside the house I’m actually not even sure how people like to play like that just so cramped Boomshots love that one good boom the game is over

On Kotys way if someone isnt in the house some enemies will spawn in there so we normally like at least one person in there

OUR way


Is it safe UNDER the bridge!? :sweat_smile:

Lol, your Mace last so many big hit?

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It seems people dont look at lobby titles, i clearly state: no MG sentry yet people still build them, so then i boot, and this is on master

I personally play for fun, even though i do master, but i dont really need to win, so i would prefer to lose outside then win inside lol

If you ever make such a lobby and i come across it, i will join, although im playing a lot of avengers right now instead of gears

I only use it for that reason.

@RelaxingKoty let’s set up there one of these days lol