River and Jacinto potentially coming to Gears 5 as per the livestream

I disagree and want it in a different direction. Have the community submit questions before the stream and have TC work through a list. They can filter out questions they cant answer.


I liked Dana’s calling some dude out at the beginning. I’d be pissed too if someone came in and started spreading misinfo on things. Need people not afraid to tell it like it is and be direct regardless of people’s feefees getting hurt.

What Dana did confirm was more info on Tactics coming tomorrow.


I respect your opinion but I personally think it is a mistake. Since it is live, even if they have prepared answers, they can make misstatements which they did during this stream (can’t remember exactly what it was).

I would prefer trailers and text drops like What’s Up and Today In Gears. If they must do a live stream, don’t talk about development. Again, just IMO.


I respect that, but I see the streams as a great place for a QandA session with the devs, rather than just playing with them.


I think TC has been trying to build River for a long time but it simply doesn’t work with Escalation. It’s been asked about for years on the dev stream and still hasn’t come to fruition and It’s guaranteed to be playable in the studio.

my prediction? it never gets past the testing/tuning stages

I’d say have two rings in the towers and one under the bridge, then add protected ladders on the tower opening so there’s multiple ways up, or even just a different staircase.

Make the “River” portion imulsion with some higher areas that rises and lowers like “Flood” to encourage timed pushes, like Bullet Marsh.

Sounds pretty fun to me TBH.

Ruins as well please!!!

The dark, gritty atmosphere was different and I liked the map.


Eh, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I do believe Octus/Dana/Ryan said they had a version of River in Gears 4 that they tried to build, but didn’t work.

The threads that week were, erm, interesting.


This is why I was saying the devs need to stop communicating so much @GhostofDelta2

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River would be awesome. I hope they keep the duel torque bows/duel snipes weapon rotation with Boom underneath bridge.

Wonder what weapon they would place on the bridge? Lancer GL? Drop?

As for Jacinto, it’s my favorite map of all-time. I assume Mortar would be replaced by GL or Drop and Boom Shot would be the same weapon in the courtyard along with a rotation of Talon/Boltok overlooking Torque/Snipe. And of course frags/incens in the towers.

I really hope they bring these maps back.

The exact quote from the livestream…




As someone who once lived in Jacinto City , TX in the 1980s, I’m ok with that map but I find it hilarious that it would ever be considered the last bastion for humanity.

I guess it is a sanctuary city but that means something very different now.

Where ia the love for day one fuel depot even gold rush flood fuel station avalanche and nowhere is completely out the picture know why this game sucks and gears 2 n 3 were better um maybe cause the maps were dynamic as in the weather and maps change during the match you could shoot walls and they break an cover can be destroyed… Plain and simple gears 5 is boring. Its lazy and sucks so bad an does not keep me wanting to play