River and Jacinto potentially coming to Gears 5 as per the livestream


Well, great. How many months until it comes around then?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You corrected your error on the live spelling so I won’t make a joke about it.

But I guess this’ll make the people happy who’ve been unhappy this wasn’t in Gears 4.

The poster seemingly took down his tweet. So as of now not confirmed.

I updated the thread accordingly. Sorry for the hype River has been my requested map FOREVER.


I could have sworn Octus said that river doesnt exist

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Red and I were also watching the stream, and I saw nothing about River being confirmed.


This happens every dev stream btw, I watch it then see comments on this forum, or on twitter that was “confirmed” and this plays in my mind.


I guess we’ll see then. I personally haven’t had much interest in following the dev stream of this week as I suspected it would mainly be Versus focused due to the PvE news not being out yet and it obviously featuring the new mode.

That said, I technically have no issue with maps that haven’t yet been remade at all as I have very limited MP experiences with Gears 2-3 and none with 1, so it’s basically like trying a new map for me. If it hasn’t yet been in Gears 4, that is.

You can’t blame me haha. I follow Razored Edge and usually he doesn’t make these mistakes or assumptions.

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I blame him, absolutely not your fault.

Agreed, he is normally fantastic.

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They basically reiterated the point about focus shifting from escape tiles to multiplayer maps, and then mentioned that River and Jacinto were popular requests. So maybe a hint.

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No, but Gridlock does.

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No more Gridlock please…so many other great maps that deserve some love.




If the final vote is a majority NO on the thread by midnight my time tonight, I will join your side and post my “No More Gridlock,” picture on every thread where necessary.

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Good god I can’t stand him and Shadowz. Shadowz spent half the stream getting chat to spam “free Ben and Anthony”. Shut the ■■■■ up. So immature and annoying af. Clickbaiting trash


I hate the fact that TCA encourages shilling and blind loyalty instead of criticism by giving out free content early and whatnot.


Exactly. I don’t get how they haven’t been removed. And obviously I don’t know them as people in case their fans want to @ me with trash talk but when it comes to their gears related content they’re worse than E3 for cringe material.


Not to mention most of what SH4DOWZ’s content (at least what I see) os just him reading TC’s tweets and “What’s Up” or This Week in Gears to his camera Verbatim and saying “Really Cool,” video done.

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I don’t think there should by any development-related commentary in these dev streams. Just have Octus and another person playing together and talking about random topics like their pets or good junk food. I think they are way too open and friendly while talking to the community.