Rise of RAAM packs

Can’t wait for rise if raam packs to be out this coming August for credits


crossing my fingers that theyll be 400 credit per pack.

I wish. You just know it’s gonna be 2000 per pack

I’m ok with 2000

yesterday i bought 18 thrashball packs and got nothing except rare weapons and couple of emblems. since the character droprate is a LOT worse, i think that 2k credit pack has more sence.

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I got them for money and kinda regret it i mean as cool as uzil shraak is he’s well too bulky :joy:

Wouldn’t it be funny if it went back to 4000 credits just for that pack. God the grind would be real.

i opened 16 and got both of them.

I bought one pack and also the comic and got both characters and every skin except the Hammerburst. But man, they are so bulky compared to Shepherd lol.

well lets think a bout this if i bought 5 400 coin packs i get 15 cards, if i were to buy 1 2000 coin pack i get 5 cards, so i think the odds are better. ive opened so many ak packs (even the mega and esupporter) and still ahvent gotten him.

Raam and Theron have always been my go-to guys…

And Skorge as well

i remember TC saying, that the odds of getting the skin are roughly the same after buying either 1x2000 pack or 5x400 packs.
but i like to have a choice, since i got like 5 skins in 10 armored kantus packs. after all, RNG is RNG, i was just not that lucky.

exactly which is why if were gonna do rng, we need to have a trade system or be able to vote for which two craftable characters we want.

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I love your luck because I have opened more than 30 packs and only the locust has appeared to me, Cole is impossible, and I do not think to spend money to get it, for these things many complain about TC.