Rise of Raam gnasher drop rate

It’s ridiculous! I’ve spent atleast 70,000 credits and bought atleast 4 mega packs and still don’t have the gnasher! I’ve gotten some of the other skins over 50 times! Wtf! I promise i will never spend another penny on this game. Lesson finally learned.


Tell me bout it. I’ve spent at least roughly bout 60k so far and still don’t have the hammerburst skin. Today is the last day so I really want to complete the comic collection and am thinking bout buying one mega pack but I’m goin to try to do another 10k from Guardian and see what’s up.

BTW, I’ve gotten 4 lancers and 4 gnashers lol. Go figure.

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I really understand you, I had the same luck like you and hope you get your gnasher sooner or later. Good :four_leaf_clover:
Check my results below.

125 Rise of RAAM Packs ( Credits = 50K )

Vold RAAM x4
Uzil Sraak x3

Emblem x44

Boltok x35
Boomshot x42
Dropshop x23
Enforcer x6
Gnasher x1
Hammerburst x3
Lancer x2
Longshot x28
Markza x36
Overkill x34
Retro Lancer x40
Snub Pistol x2
Torque Bow x36

Just 14 epic cards of 125, man thats 0.112% (They really need to configure this RNG System)


I havent kept track of credts spent but i have gotten 1 Lancer and Gnasher each but multiples of everything else, i think. This has been a great scrap generator lol

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you learnt that now after 1 year and a half? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, if you had 70k, I would actually only spent like 20k on the packs and the rest on the 2000 pack variant once it returns.

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I bought more than 60 packages with credits, I would even say that more than 70, only 4 legendary and all repeated, I have everything but no what I want most, Uzil, and best of all is that with so much garbage that has given me to create 3 legendary , it’s ridiculous

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I bought 20 packs, plus the one mega pack from the comic book and I got everything… Which typically I’m in your boat where Rngeezus is against me…

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I bought over 80 packs and got everything multiple times EXCEPT the gnasher. I only run matching skins so what I have is worthless to me.


Got the gnash twice in 2400 creds spent

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That is crazy. I’ve gotten atleast 10 hammerbursts. I’ve probably gotten more of those than any other epic skin. I’d say 90% of the packs i opened were all rares.

Thanks man appreciate it! Thanks for all the stats too. I should really start keeping track. I see you had some gnasher problems too.

It has been great for scrap, but not really what i am looking for. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess i am a slow learner for some things. :yum:

I’m really not a patient person, so waiting until the next pack isn’t really my style.

I swear it knows what you want and just refuses to give it to you sometimes. I got about 6 sraaks and probably 10 -12 raams. They actually dropped quite a bit for me. Ofc i didn’t need them, i got them in megapacks when they were in the store for purchase only.

Congrats! :sunglasses:

I hear you. I hate having different skins. Especially with the starting weapons, so if it’s not a complete set i won’t use them.


Good lord , you was actually willing to waste that much money for a random weapon skin… why? Those weapons skins aren’t even that impressive, The characters, mainly the Uzil are the only real worthy thing on this pack.

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Eh, some people have enough money that it’s worth it for something they want. I wouldn’t spend money on these but I’ve dropped tens on thousands on guitars so to each his own, esp when it’s your own money you worked for.

Personally, I love the gun skin set. But, I already have a black steel Raam that’s better and I think Uzil is ridiculously oversized and blocks my view.

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I actually really like the skins. Probably one of my favorites. The gnasher skin is really nice. :frowning_face:

You don’t even want to know how much money i’ve dropped on this game. I work my butt off and i really don’t spend money on myself very often, so i figure why not splurge on some skins sometimes.

I agree with you. Sraak is huge! I tried using him once and i’ll probably never use hime again.

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If they dont want to fix the RNG/drop rate of these characters/weapon skins, what these geniuses at TC need to do is to allow players to use their scrap to craft them if they so choose.

Not one year later when they release it to be a craftable thing, but NOW when they offer these packs for purchase with coins.

What the hell is the point in me having 35,000 in scrap if I cant use them to immediately craft characters/weapon skins that i dont want to waste gambling away 60,000+ coins?

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You can’t craft many “limited” cards because they want you to sit at home screaming “ahhh only 2hrs left an I don’t have what I wanted” so you resort to real money, these systems are designed with that in mind. If it were up to me they would be illegal, it’s predatory to the MAX degree and has no place in the world. Glad many have learnt their lesson but far too many still buy them that they will remain for many games, including g5 I’m sure. I’m all for ppl being able to do what they want with their money n all but you should be safely able to do that without being prey

It’s disrespectful to victims of molestation and rape to make such careless comparisons because you decided to throw a tantrum about RNG.

Personally, I have gotten every skin I’ve wanted in the past 6 months without ever falling below 100,000cr. If you play the game a fair amount, it’s really not hard to get most items. If you don’t play that much, you have the option to purchase. Some feel they are entitled to everything without paying or playing.


Yeah, Saber. That’s messed up.

I got Gnasher like 15 times or so in 458 Packs.
More than enough.

My buddy doesn’t get on the forum but would like to express his dissatifaction with TC’s RNG. What an absolute joke like the company. How can you open 70 packs of Raam and not get the complete weapon skin set, he is missing the snub pistol.


That’s business practice, not criminal practice.