Rise of raam $10

Why? They already charge $10 for esports packs now they want more money for a raam pack!?!?

Are you unfamiliar with the Mega Pack system?

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I just saying how much of a rip off it is and continues to be

They’re releasing it as a credit pack later on.

These people need to learn to read the community post. It clearly says that they will be releasing these for credits at a later date. If you wanted it now then by the graphic novel. On top of that they aren’t a rip off if you don’t buy it. Everybody feels some damn entitled these days.


Hear anything about the novel? Looks interesting. You getting it?

If they release it later than why charge 10 now? And I don’t read through the forums daily or do specific searches. I actually don’t give a f because I wouldnt ever pay 10 for any of their packs not to mention the other packs that go up to 100. I preordered so they got 100 from me already. I just know that tc must make millions off all these 10 packs and there’s still been plenty of other issues since launch. That’s the rip off. Take your entitled crap somewhere else

Sensitive are we!

Than don’t buy it dude