RIP Telltale Games

Really is sad that wolf among us season 2 is getting cancel too I waiting four years and it just cancel. I will admit telltale did went downhill after walking dead season 2 and wolf among us. Hope other video games company don’t walk in the same trail like telltale. Just go care about quality not quantity.

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Episode 2 of S4 was coming out on my birthday, Huge disappointment, loved the first one, at least I have the new season of South Park to look forward to.


Episode 2 of S4 is coming out but it not confirm that if telltale is going to finish off the season though. Which it kinda mess up because a lot of people pre-order the season pass and telltale can’t give us a refund when there bankrupt.

I hope it comes out, sucks that Telltale has to shut down at this time.

I know this literally has nothing to do with Gears of War and I don’t care if this gets taken down. But goodbye telltale games :disappointed_relieved:. They made some great stories. Really depressed we’re never getting a Wolf Among Us 2, and Batman season 3. Sad news for the gaming industry. Even if their working conditions kinda sucked, I’ll miss them.


I believe they are still finishing up their TWD game from what I saw

I saw some about that girl from walking dead game had a special message a few days ago. Then the next day that they were closing but were fining the last walking dead game they were working on.
Bloody kids name is in my head but can’t place it. Is it clementine or something.

Only Wolf Among Us was on par. Everything else was below that, the graphics engine was so dated, it completely lacked any real detail. Yet they kept using it, I think they were changing to a different engine, but from footage I saw… it still looked exactly the same (pretty bad).

Choices in the games never had any real impact on the stories, they were never really open for you to choose what you wanted. So many things that could have been improved on, yet they just kept churning out the same stuff, just with different licences.

In a games market like todays, that’s always going to lead to failure in the end.

They were (still) using their own in-house engine, which meant a lot more time, man power, and resources dedicated to making that work. And they were balancing all of that with the rest of development, but even then, its was considered rather shoddy.