RIP Gears of War, Hallo Gears

What fans wanted: “Gears 1 had the best Campaign(or Gears 2) because of it’s dark gritty atmosphere, the music brings this out perfectly. Hope they re-create this for the next Gears game”(a comment before gears 4 was released)
Also fans wanted at least 10 Maps

What fans get: No dark feelings and atmosphere, weekly store items and useless stuff for little Kids like Skins, 7 Maps and lift, a broken ranked System and u can’t even see the rank of the enemy you beat. Also fans get a lot of stress especially europeans which hasn’t changed since Gears of war 1 with u.s.a. ping advantage( the bad Thing they kept)

Now compare the soundtracks(gears 1), a masterpiece:

Now Gears 5 generic soundtrack which wants to create Depression:

That’s it for me and the Forum too, was a nice short time. TC had enough time to fix their ■■■■, may god forgive your sins the coalition. Have fun continuing disappointing ppl

PS: your game had a lot of potential, but you ■■■■■■ it up.
For instance: you could really make more out of Escape, it gets so quick boring because the Maps Always look the same(industrial). Why you never made an Escape map in which you are in a cave and General raam appears ?? Potential guys potential…


Good post. TC look like they have too many fortnite and cod players on their staff team. Feels like they tried to brighten gears up and dumb the gameplay down to bring in a bunch of casuals who would rather play coop vs the AI than actual pvp.

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They never had the potential to begin with, there are third party developers who are far more capable than TC being honest.