Ring capture challenge broken?

I just got the capture 5 ring challenge and it isn’t going up after I just finished a king of the hill match

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Entire game is broken sadly :confused:

Not it’s not, it’s fine. Arcade is doing great.

Was it in a Co Op vs AI? If so then that seems to be the only challenge that you cant complete in that mode. If not then I dunno

Yes. Kinda dumb. It worked when I did ranked

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It will only work in Ranked KOTH or Escalation. When I get that 5 or 7 Rings Captures, I just do mostly Escalation and capture the Home Ring, 7+ or more round later, Objective done.

It also works in quickplay, if your lucky enough to get a KoTH match

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Didn’t know that. I guess it’s just quicker and straight forwards to go into Ranked.