Right Trigger Freeze

Right Trigger freezing in gnasher play is not new. And is highly annoying. I have low pings. But lately it is happening more often than usual. Seems like every other death I have is because a two foot easy shotgun hit to the head turns into no shot then me getting killed.

Or we run at each other player gets two feet away . I fire, but no shot comes out. But his shot does and I’m dead. Happening way too often now. Is anyone noticing this as well?,I know servers are bad. But this is ridicouls!

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that happens all the time i am always a 1 ping and i pull trigger nothing happens as i get on shot killed. or same distance i land shot nothing and they get a one shot kill.

I did a one shot 98% damage othe rplayer one shot and i am dead how come hes was not DNBNO

Just finished a game where I had 100ms ping on harbor. I ran at someone and shot first, then he shot after I had finished my shot and we both died and got the trade off. The time between shots was significant and the killcam showed we both shot at the same time.

I don’t understand much about networking and hope someone can explain in layman terms but things like this are ridiculous, especially in any competitive setting.

I also get the no shot thing a lot. My uneducated understanding is that you are already dead before your meant to fire.

Usually my ping is is within 0-15 when I have ping based mm but this is still a problem.

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Nope because often when it happens I can still position myself away instead of dying. Or instances when I am behind cover and the shot not firing etcetera.

Forget cover. When it happens I’m supposed to get instant close GIB. When it freezes there is nowhere to go. Your supposed to get the kill. Your totally exposed and the opponent gets the next shot before you can get your shot again. Then your dead.

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Shoot roll back

This is exactly the issue. But how does TC determine if you hit RT or not, knowing that you know you clearly did? That’s what’s frustrating.

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