RIGHT SIDE ADVANTAGE? Yep I'm opening that can. (Meme included)

Is there any opinions out there on if the Right Side Advantage is better or worse in G5?

Me personally I feel like its playing musical chairs with an opponent at least a few times each match because they made it super easy to get a kill on the right side with the new mechanics. “Cue the music boys”.

I’ve gotten better at combating players who constantly move to my left and their right to get a kill but it’s just unfortunate how its every single person moves to the right it’s basically expected now.

Right side advantage has always been a thing in GOW; yes this I know. I’ve just never seen it quite this bad before.

Any thoughts?

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Ummmm was your first thread deleted?


Yep i figured it got buried so I reposted it lol. I removed it, not TC.

It does seem a little tougher to deal with right-hand advantage in Gears 5 than in past games. I don’t ever really factor it into how I will push someone. I’m left-handed so I actually like being in positions on cover where I aim on the left-hand side. I honestly think a the cover shooting is ridiculous at times. There are plenty of instances where I get a kill in cover and I say, “Wtf did the game just kill that person for me? I have no clue how I did that. Nice”.

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The shots aren’t programed to come from the front of the gnasher in gears. They are programed to come from the line of sight from your screen. They made a pretty good video explaining it in for G4. So being an over the right shoulder in a 3rd person shooter; it’s a huge advantage pushing the right. Especially in G5 I’ve noticed with the in my opinion crappy tuning.

Here is my tactic for someone who’s pushing my left .

I’ll go as far right as possible or maybe a few steps and reach over and shoot with right hand on the trigger (keeping right hand on the trigger on this move helps keep you in the most cover before you take your shot before they even have one).

This will rattle the player who’s approaching and usually cause them to back off or do something stupid while you finish the kill. But even still your at a disadvantage with the buffed hip fire in G5.

This only works on barrier type covers though. Hope this helps.

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Ya, right hand gud.


This guy knows haha :+1::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Thanks for insights. Particularly about how gnasher shots are coming from line of sight not barrel. My dumb brain will almost certainly not be able to comprehend this info and apply in an actual fight, but I appreciate you taking the time to demo that. It makes perfect sense. I’m excited for the weapons tuning to drop for sure. Doesn’t sound like they addressed the gnashy, but the adhesion reduction may have a role in reducing the damage and extending battles. I feel like currently it’s a gib or be gibbed from ridiculous distance situation when you are approaching someone.

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Its possible adhesion changes can help. I’m more in the boat of adjusting the direction of where hip fire shots start and where they end specifically for the gnasher will be a big change to close combat for the better.

I may have been wrong I think it’s just hard aiming that’s aligned with your screen. Nevertheless I’d be interested to see the style spread that TC went with in G5 with like this image from G4

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