Ridiculous difficulties

I like a challenge but the escape maps are getting beyond stupid, the launch maps I can do on inconceivable but the operation 4 maps are near impossible. The split on experienced is a joke it’s not enjoyable or even possible to finish tried everything. How is anyone ever going to clear it on master… soooo many achievements on gears 5 that have been made unobtainable unless a way to cheese them is worked out. Doesnt even feel like gears anymore well done coalition for wrecking the series! Epic needs to take it back and show you how it’s done way to much wrong with your efforts all round with this game. Leave all the git gud and go cry about it comments you like fanboys you kno this game is bad.

@Bleeding_Pepper Here’s another one.

You know… people can master hives in Op 4 just fine, right? They don’t have to like TC or their actions because they play a mode they enjoy and dare I say are good at.

You’re telling people to not come with “Git gud” comments but making this sort of thread literally invites them in.

Also, Salvos in Escape are ridiculous BS and do way too much damage when used by enemies. They are worse than in Master Horde 41-50 where I could tank a single Sentinel Salvo barrage in the Silverback but in Escape one Salvo rocket takes off 75+% of its health.

The only one that is actually excessive is The Onslaught in the second act which needs some serious looking at.

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The Split is definitely one of the harder Hives for sure, but I didn’t think it was excessive. It was a good tough challenge for me personally, even though the night after I was literally seeing this hive in my dreams!

As @AmicableWall421 says, I felt that the Onslaught was excessive. The only reason I mastered that was due to the spawns being messed up and you can basically run through the last section. But prior to finding this out I would always get smashed or choke out on venom in the 2nd section.

Operation 4 hives have been mixed in terms of difficulty. The Onslaught and The Split are tough. The Malfunction and Ambush are fairly easy, while Gatekeepers is in the middle. The next one The Mist is pretty easy though from my limited experience of it, so this will come as relief to you. Operation 3 was (in my opinion) far too easy.

I’ve said before in many threads and posts, but Escape is a tough mode. Much tougher than Horde and it takes alot more knowledge and skill to be good at it. Some hives are easier than others. Sometimes there’s a really wide gap between the easiest and the hardest ones.

On that note I wonder what the community would generally rank as their top 5 hardest and top 5 easiest hives? It’s questions like this that require the forum to have a poll/survey function.


There are people who do beat it on master. In fact there are people who frequently complain that TC needs to nerf everything because PVE is too easy on Master.
I strongly disagree with nerfing anything but I do think that their opinions matter as much as yours does.

Your complaint is worded with a confrontational tone.
I have learned that when I have a complaint that it works best to ask for something reasonable correct the issue; otherwise whoever I complain to will just smile and nod and dismiss me as crybaby exactly how you’ve pre-anticipated.

The problem you are addressing with your “impossible to finish on experienced” statement sounds false to people who have already beaten it on master.
Given that they have beaten it on master then you have not tried everything because if you had tried what they tried then you would have done what they did.

What is an idea of how TC can accommodate you while also accommodating the nerf everything players?
You already have the option of playing on Intermediate or Beginner. In fact you also have the option of playing custom Experienced with Different modifiers.
What else should they do (because it’s not clear here yet)? If you can’t define it then they can’t know where to start.
The more clear and specific you are the more useful you request will be.


Implying it hasn’t been done? I’m sure you know it has been done, solo even /thread.

Literally just got the 1% time on master I’ve been trying for. You can do it.

Oh yeah. And “git gud”

So you finally got around to doing that score run, eh? Cutting it close with it being out tomorrow.

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Wasn’t quite a score run, but we played well enough for 1%, so I’m happy lol.

Did it with a guy I’d played with before. Bit of a language barrier but we’re making it work. I’m learning a little Spanish as we go lmao.

Well good for you then. My time isn’t enough for 1%(now, seeing as it was when I first mastered it), but I don’t really tend to go for that with hives now anyway. Not like there is much more than personal accomplishment to be found in it either, given current reward tiers.

Agreed. There should be 2 Salvo Scions/DR1s (maybe with Bastions to counter Clay) waiting at the helipad to avoid ppl skipping the fight. The spawns are one of the few things TC got right. The venom has just the right speed that allows finishing the fights with a good team. I admit it can be frustrating mostly because you have to redo the first chapter everytime AND get the Salvo spawn again everytime you die.

Getting rid of Ironman would significantly improve that hive.


The way I look at it is that if I shoot for the top every time I’m bound to get better at the game. And I do want to improve. I’m very average in master escape and I just don’t like it.

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I guess the players I run/ran the hive with then just either made some avoidable mistakes or weren’t all that good because the second act often still has us fighting enemies while the lethal venom is already beginning to cover the area.

Unless we have a Fahz hiding away and avoiding getting hit all the time to wipe a bunch in X-Ray.

But yes, that hive deffo doesn’t need Ironman.

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I didn’t know that top 1% was going to be possible with people exploiting Uncle Clay.
If it can be done then I need to get busy (I only want top 5% so I shouldn’t take as long)

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I’m in top 3% and actually embarrassed to admit I don’t think I had a run where someone didn’t die at the end at the last rush (Kait) :disappointed_relieved: Also never took any score cards. So I wager 1% is doable if a) no one dies, b) score cards are equipped, c) you make a point to wipe the enemies on both routes in the first act (marking, headshotting or meatshieldng everything). Easier said than done, I know. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think the difference between top 5% and top 1% is as drastic as been said by some people here. The difference isn’t skill so much as dedication and persistence. After all, if someone were able to headshot everything, who’s to say he couldn’t do the same with a score card on and marking it? It’s not that he isn’t good enough, it’s just that he doesn’t have two like-minded people to collaborate that with, and/or can’t be bothered, especially seeing as there’s nothing to gain from it but bragging rights/notoriety. Now, I don’t doubt the very, very top of the lists is (usually before glitches came in) made up of top-tier players as that takes a special combination of dedication and skill very few have, I’d also add in those people who have solo-mastered every hive, which coincidentally is probably made up of a lot of the same people.

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I just got 1% with no one running score cards. It’s doable without them. But I am on the lowest end of 1% I believe.


5% is very doable. You should be ok lol.

Potentially run it on incon without Ironman. I think you could make 5% like that.

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Depends on how people exploited that cheat to be honest. For a score run they’d ideally need Fahz as well to get headshot points, so they’d have to do it with two Clayton’s, not three.

I think the key is to grab the COG tags in the last supply room (downstairs in the final room) and for everyone to survive. Score cards will add points or mitigate any losses you incur (e.g.: if you miss any COG tags or if someone dies), but for top 1% I reckon you’re aiming for around the -01:10:00 mark or thereabouts.

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I think it’s closer to the -01:14:00 mark as I am at -01:10:00 whereabouts but within the top 2%… and the top 1% shown above me has always been around -01:14:00.

Fixed that for you :wink:

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Never got those, nor had every player survive, but still got top 3%. Actually, also was Keegan (me), with Kait, and Cole, so virtually no headshots, all bleed and tackle kills which are bad for score runs. So, there’s four big things already that could put someone ahead of 3% (have no one die, get cog tags in last supply room, use score cards, use Fahz instead of Keegan for your main killer to get headshots).