Riddle me this Coalition

I wrote you guys on Twitter as well.

Explain how the ■■■■ this works?

I haven’t crashed in daaaaays… I join a ranked KOTH.

We win the first match. My game shuts off… I try to rejoin and cannot (surprise…) - It’s awesome having teammates messaging a bunch of trash to you because they don’t know that you didn’t just quit.

After 8 minutes it FINALLY lets me back in the game. All my stats are reset to zero.


We are still in second round.

We win the match.

Literally, at the moment we win the match, when the gameplay stops, I am instantly removed from the game and am in match making again looking for another match.

No score, no countdown, no anything.

So did background skill record all of this? What was impact to my stats… how is the information compounded?

My most burning question though…

Wtf is wrong with your game and why do you not answer to it with any shred of integrity?

If Coalition + Microsoft + Nvidia started their own garbage company the customer should expect nothing less than

Job well done…


Coalition: “Oh, let us look into that for you”


Yesterday, I had some really weird-*** bugs happening. Some of them so ridiculous in hesitant to even bring them up because people will think I’m making stuff up.
TC is on vacation so nothing will get fixed for a couple weeks. Not that it would be fixed under normal operating hours.


@Metal_Gear_Mo has had the same issue for a while but for the past week he’s actually been able to rejoin. Unfortunately, even though he rejoins, his statistics seem to act as if he didn’t.

But you aren’t surprised are you? After all, this is a game that tends to run somewhat consistent with players from every country except Mexico. A 250ms player from Japan? No teleporting and minimal registration issues. A 80ms and above player from Mexico? Crazy teleportation, sponging and running into rings that refuse to break despite you standing right in it.

Dumpster fire is right. @AliceInChainsaw, you messaged me on Xbox today. That’s my answer, lol.

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That’s my life story lol!

I hate it when i click on rejoin then it just randomly puts me in matchmaking to find another game


That’s almost worse… total slap in the face.

Mine goes TICK…TICK…TICK… Failed to rejoin game. Your game already ended. (Or some other nonsense) and boots me back to the main menu.

I click versus again and it kicks me back to menu saying I’ve been booted from the game.

Then I click versus and it asks if I want to rejoin…

rinse and repeat.


I get the message ‘You have been kicked from the game’.

A joke really.


I made a twitter account too just to message them… got booted from the servers twice last night and recived a 30 min ban both times because it crashed … and this was during match making, Wasn’t even in a game. Its happening more often and becoming frustrating.

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I have had issues with my Internet and the router shuts down… (I know something that isn’t TC fault), but when rejoining the game my stats are reset and I see two gamer tags of me. One says I’ve quit and the other gives me the stats from when I’ve rejoined. I had one game where I was kicking butt, 18kills 2 deaths ring caps and breaks looking good and out performing everyone by miles. I thought the stats were meant to the same if you came back. Know it wasn’t TC fault I lost Internet but seems like everyone else I’ve seen drop/quit out and come back keeps there stats

It’s random I believe. I’ve seen it happen both ways to people.

You are supposed to. Normally I do. I think it’s a time thing… Like for me I’m lucky if I can rejoin but it usually takes 8+ minutes. After that long I lose stats by time I rejoin.

On very rare occasions it lets me right away and I have stats saved. (horde I have zero issue rejoining)

I have seen people quit in every koth games. I s this the reason why? Something bad is really taking hold of this game.

i’ve been seeing mid game match results taking to long to eventually you have been kicked from the game

that lobby dissolve issue is still around too in addition to some odd matchmaking bugs that end up punishing the legit playerbase.

for example I get booted at match start, ok then just let me rejoin… nope, try rejoining another 6 times? nope, can’t rejoin but here’s a 15min ban for some reason.