Ribbons that should exist but don't

Ok I kinda wanted a neat conversation about ribbons in this game, the reason being that I’ve seen far too often clutch plays and game winning strats not give you diddly squat, I’m going to essentially make up some ribbons and maybe others can too (if you want)

Keep in mind I’m a KOTH fan, so not surprising my ribbons would be based mostly around that gametype/mode.

Power Hog-picking up 10 or more pickup weapons a round (it really should just give you like a flat 10 points or something for every weapon you pickup but regardless)

EZ-win a KOTH match within 10 minutes

Challenge-win a KOTH match over 30 minutes

Stayin Alive-Broke the ring when it was at 170 or more (I can’t stress how clutch this actually is)

Get off my lawn-hold a hill without it ever being broken

MVP tie-this is obvious, if you have more than 1 person on a team get the same points they should all get MVP, kind of a rare nuisance but still pretty easy to put into game methinks.

Close call-win a round be 10 or less points (koth or escalation would make sense)

Carpet Bomber - Kill more then 20 enemy with JD’s Freedom Lancer carpet bombing… :unamused:

Escape Artist - Escape from the hug of a Sire… alone… without any help! :upside_down_face:

Killstreaks? Anyone?

Clay Pingeon Shooter (50G) - Win a match against a team with pings over 140


Shouldn’t this be “Stay off my lawn”? Get off applies they made it into the ring and you killed them.


Kinda controversial, but I think a “top performer” ribbon should be introduced in PvP.

I believe MVP should go to the top performer on the winning team - I kinda feel like the change they made around MVP made sense in regards to what MVP typically refers to.
I did like how the top player used to get rewarded though… So it sucks that this aspect is gone.

Having both an MVP and a “Top Performer” would satisfy this.

Saved TC employees from being fired- play a lot and buy all the MTs