Ribbons system is broken! Here is why

Here we are again

Not true. You can see the ribbons you’ve earned and all the available ribbons in Gears 5 on the official website. You just need to go to the right place. Go to the following link and log in. https://www.gears5.com/stats/ribbons

Yes but thats an external resource, not “in game” as stated within the quote you highlighted. Previous versions had ribbon info/progression within the game as standard, which is as it should be. I dont even know why some ribbons still exist because they have previously been identified by the devs as being notoriously unlikely to happen in game without help from others. Ole for example and smorgasbord were both removed as necessary ribbons for an achievement in gears 3. Ribbons are kind of an ongoing faux pas that’s never really been revisited and reworked to any extent.

You need to read that quote again. The last part distinctly says:

I fully agree that there should be something in game, such as the War Journal, like we’ve had in most other Gears games. You can search the threads and see that I’ve been mentioning that since Gears 5 launched. The particular part I’m saying is incorrect is that the OP said there was no official tracker on the Gears website. That is incorrect and I provided a link to it.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to unlock the following ribbons:
Make it Rain - Killed 5 enemies with the Lancer GL Grenade in a Versus match.
Leave it all on the Field - Entered the final possible round with a tie score in an Escalation match.

Those are the last two I need and tried to get them but it didn’t register. Wondering if there is something wrong with those in particular or if there is some other way to get them to unlock.

I acknowledge that and replied accordingly by referring to it as an external resource. And of course in game stats and resource stats dont mirror one another where they do exist. Ribbons is just a mess every time on gears. We’ve also got these weird conflicting skill card descriptions. A blademaster skill card suggests less damage when near taps and yet the big description on the right says less damage when AT LEAST x mtrs from taps ie not near to taps. And theres another BM card with a very similar contradiction. These are basic concepts that matter and which would be simple to correct in a ninja or other update. Oh and vague achievements that arent clear should be sorted so that we dont need to go online to find out what we need to do. Thats just bad QC.

No argument here about the achievements and cards. We’ve been voicing our frustrations about contradictory descriptions since Gears 5 launched.

My reply to you was because you were saying I was incorrect.

There were 2 parts to OP’s statement. The first part I agree was correct, there is no in game way to view ribbons, and I’ve already agreed that there should be.

It’s the second part that I had an issue with since it was incorrect. That was the part I’m responding to. Yes it’s an external source, of course it is, it’s the website. But he mentioned it in his original post when complaining that there was no official source to view his ribbons when there is one.

So I wasn’t even talking about the first part of the statement, just the second. I never said it was in game nor was I responding to that part. I was responding to the second part. That’s why I quoted the entire thing, not just part of it.

@MasterMinshew For those ribbons, the first should be available to unlock. The second one has been difficult though and several friends and I tried it in a private VS lobby and it didn’t unlock. I got the first one naturally so I can’t help you with that one. Good luck.

Just look at the date I posted man… At the time there was no way.