Ribbons system is broken! Here is why

As the title says…
So lets take a look: since ribbons where added they gave us individual experience, based I think on the difficulty of obtaining a ribbon. Until Gears 5. Now we get XP bonuses by attaining a certain number of ribbons in a match.

The thing is the amount of ribbons necessary to get the max bonus is ridiculous unobtainable by playing the way the game is supposed to be played! In this topic I will get through all game modes individually and try to explain you my point, but first, let me make some statements.
a) There’s nowhere in game to find wich ribbons exists in gears 5, nor in any official channel, like the website.
b) I know the max bonus is not supposed to be attainable every single match for obvious porpuse!
c) PVE modes are not supposed to be played solo, so no point coming here to tell people to go and play solo (also some ribbons are not awarded while playing solo)
d) Some characters dont get a chance to get most of the ribbons.
e)There are a lot less ribbons in this Gears than on any other.
f) Multi Kill ribbons are not awardable in PVE modes,

Now lets get through each mode:

1) Versus
The XP bonuses for versus are as follow:
. 1 | 6 | 11 | 16+
. 50xp | 100xp | 150xp | 200xp

The most reasonable mode in terms of quantity needed but the most unfair in terms of reward. Getting 16 ribbons in a single match of versus (especially on quick matches that are faster) is not even near a simple task, but at least almost all ribbons in the game are awardable on versus.
If you are going for ribbons only in a pvp match, you are almost letting aside the victory, wich sucks for your team and beside that the game isnt to be played with a full squad on Coop. Vs AI (so you could focus on ribbons).
Now with that considered lets talk about the reward. A real match of versus, that you get to award 16 ribbons “naturally” can take up to 20 minutes. And for what ? To get you 200xp ? It not a reward, its merely a tip. Its far too little for doing too much!

My opinion here is to simple lower the requirements, decreasing the gap between the bonus marks and also raising up the reward.

The XP bonuses for escape are as follow:
. 1 | 6 | 11 | 16+
. 150xp | 250xp | 500xp | 1200xp

The most unfair mode in terms of quantity needed, but the most fair in terms of reward. Getting 16 ribbons a match of escape is simple IMPOSSIBLE if playing with full squad and on higher difficulties. Again, this mode isnt supposed to be played solo, so no point in penalizing people for playing together.

Now, differently from the versus, just a few ribbons are awardable here (remember, no multi kills ribbons for PVE), the ones I can remember are: Hail Mary, Hat Trick, First!, Death From Beyond, The Super, Rope-a-Dope (really?), Methodical, Coup De Grace, Not so Fast, Hat Trick, Trick Shot and No Smoking. I could talk about it each one individually, but it would make the post longer.

Considering a long escape match taking something about 15-20 minutes, 1200 xp is good for max reward. So my opinion here is to either lower the requirements, like in versus, or simply let us get multi kill ribbons and the MVP one. You can also think on adding ones exclusively to the game mode, like escaping with all 3 alive for example.

The XP bonuses for horde are as follow:
. 1 | 10 | 20 | 30+
. 150xp | 300xp | 500xp | 1500xp

Ribbons here are the same of escape, except for MVP being available and Not So Fast and Death From Beyond not,

The biggest gap between rewards, and the less rewardable in terms of time. Also has the problem of not getting multi kill ribbons. 3 consecutive hours of playtime in a master horde to get 1500 xp IF you reach 30 ribbons? If you get 29 you get only 500, really ?

Now besides all these problems, horde has char based problems.
Jack: Has almost no ribbons, you probably wont reach 10.
Enginner: Wich ribbon can an engineer get on higher difficulties ? MVP if you dont have a JD in the squad.
That are 2 essential characters to play on master, and they dont get rewarded for doing so! Its just stupid.

Here you can work on another approach to solve the problem: Increase the number of ribbon marks to decrease the gaps while also increasing the experience rewarded. For example:
. 5 | 10 | 15 | 25 | 30+
. 250xp | 500xp | 1000xp | 1500xp | 2500xp

And you could enable multi kill ribbons here too to make this more achiavable.

If you read it till here, let me know what you think, not only about my post but about the ribbons system in gears 5. Thank you all.

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I’ve thought this from the start. I played for hours upon hours, finishes horde, I’m not a terrible player, get my share of ribbons… it’s near impossible to get 30, even in 2 or 3 hours. Mvp split 5 ways over 5 waves is 10 a piece, unlikely to ever happen too.
I asked for the war journal on day one, why the fk wasn’t it included, I loved checking my ribbons to see what I still had to try and do, OR just admit that I’d never get (usually the pvp ones)

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I thought the ribbon system was a bit meh in Gears 5 to begin with - what’s the point in remvoing multi kill ones for Horde, for example? Are they afraid it would be “too easy” to get 30 of them, when there is only a few characters who can reliably get 30+, or you’re required to get consistent headshots for Hat Trick(which Fahz is still best at)?

And the main point I agree with is that rewarding by milestones is stupid. I’ve ended up with 27 ribbons in a Horde match on Elite two days ago, yet because I didn’t reach 30, I didn’t deserve better XP according to the game/TC. They should’ve just kept it the way it was in 2-4(idk if 1 had ribbons), getting XP for each ribbon individually. More so because there is no way to track them in-game to see where you’re at either.

To me, 30 ribbons in Horde seems a lot more feasible than 16+ in Escape. I can get them through gameplay in Horde with some characters(I’ve had over 60 ribbons totaled as Fahz once in a match), but in Escape I literally have to play specific hives, some with a specific character, solo, on Elite or Insane, just so I can get enough Hail Mary ribbons(unless you were going to spend loads of time just executing enemies for the ribbon associated to that action) to get the 1,200 extra XP that gives you(alongside the increase it provides to the base XP).

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I can understand why they took them out, it was creating a lot of problems. There was multiple XP glitches in Gears 4’s time with the Escalation ribbon glitch, before it was patched, only problem was you needed 10 people for it. There was also the Sniper Strike XP method, and when stuff like Jingle Juvies came along, you could get a lot of XP, even on casual.

Plus, if you put the multi kills in Horde, I could see that being used in a similar way the Death from Beyond ribbon XP glitch was. They never actually fixed the way of getting XP (and I doubt they ever will in Gears 5’s lifetime).

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind this current system if we could see the ribbons we have achieved in a War Journal or something.


Suicide with a nade awards it in Horde.

MVP if you get 5-6 revives per wave since revs are high-valued. If you have Kait on your team you might get it 15-20 times in a full match.

It’s the least issue with the whole xp-system. The entire system is designed to be as grindy as possible and promote boost at the same time. The ribbon-bonus is so marginally it’s not worth caring about.

Also; friendly reminder: at the beginning of OP3 TC said they would look into reworking xp-requirements and rewards for re-ups. But as everything with this company it was just a bunch of bollocks.


Even if they really thought they had to make this new system I find it shouldn’t be nigh impossible to get the max amount of them in 2/3 modes if you play them with a team as intended and aren’t just all out farming. You can forget getting 16+ ribbons on the majority of Escape maps, especially if you have a team. And Versus… well, you’d probably have to get a bunch of multi kill ribbons for a very measly 200 XP reward. So great. It feels much more like a grind than just playing and getting those ribbons in Escape and Versus, and you still have to actively go after things like Hat Trick or the ribbon gotten for executing the last enemy alive(unless you’re Fahz, which will let you get Hat Trick as you play along more easily as he is about headshotting things), or land lots of Hail Marys with explosives which is also not always going to happen, and more easily achieved by a JD cause the GL also counts for Hail Marys.

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MVP if you get 5-6 revives per wave since revs are high-valued. If you have Kait on your team you might get it 15-20 times in a full match.

Ok, so just MVP ribbons for Jack ? Seems a bit to meh for me, dont you think ? Also 20 is not enough to get max rewards.

It’s the least issue with the whole xp-system. The entire system is designed to be as grindy as possible and promote boost at the same time. The ribbon-bonus is so marginally it’s not worth caring about.

I know there’s lot more issues with the XP system, but they gonna need to rework everything. There’s no point in keeping this feature as it is! What is the point of having an almost unachiavable reward ?

How can a war journal make this bonuses more achiavable ? We already know all ribbons available on PVE, and it is still impossible to reach 16 on a escape match, if not playing solo on one or two specific hives. And even if it would make things more achiavable, where is the point of aiming for ribbons in a versus match, to get only 200xp ?

Ok, so you have a problem with the XP reward in VS, fair enough. The amount of XP that you can get in VS is a problem, and makes the grind much longer for those who do PvP. It’s virtually impossible in Gears 4 and Gears 5 to get to max rank playing a majority amount of PvP.

As for Escape and Horde, maybe you could add some other ribbons in there, like Pacifist, most melee kills, most executions, in a wave or an act of a hive, mvp of the last act, most friendly fire, least friendly fire in an act, most headshot kills.

These issues don’t necessarily suggest the ribbon system is broken. You just think the effort isn’t worth the reward. Which, fair enough.

A war journal could encourage people to get more ribbons. You could implement a tracking system on all the friends you have on XBL. You could do it for the world. I particularly enjoyed comparing my ribbons against the people I played with quite regularly.

It is possible, especially with two people coordinating. Death From Beyond and Hail Mary.

Someone has to plant Shock Grenades at ending spawn before flipping switch. And they must suicide with Boomshot or Venom before their Shock starts killing enemies.

The other way is going far back of hangar outside with Boomshot, Salvo or Silverback Salvo and shooting at enemies across the map that spawned in ending. Planting two Flashbangs help to stop them in track and for multi kills, saves some ammo.

There is nothing to say that Escape shouldn’t be played solo. Whether it’s solo or in team, 16 Ribbons is possible either way. Although when it comes to team mates, it need to be coordinated. Not having the same goal to help each other for Ribbons is what makes it punishing. Like when players ruin your opportunity for Ribbons. I have helped friends earn 16 Ribbons when playing together. Or everyone to get at least one Ribbon each.

1,200 XP is actually from 16 Ribbons on Beginner with no Boost.

With Boost, that would become 2,400 XP.

There was a way to get 30 Ribbons in one wave but patched.

I can still get 30 Ribbons within 5-10 waves as JD when doing 41-50 on Master.

I recall not playing for Ribbons on Master, and I got a measly 15,000 to 20,000 XP, from only base completion 1-50.

However, going for 30 Ribbons on 1-50 Master makes it base completion XP + Ribbons XP on top of it, so it totals around 40,000~ XP. This is with Boost.

Del has a card called Custom Robotics. It increases DeeBee weapon damage. Baird’s version is Experimental Weapons but this no longer works on Tri-Shot or ever did (?).

Del can use Tri-Shot for headshots during the waves and repair when few enemies alive or between waves. This is for Hat Trick Ribbons and if he does very well in good position, he can get MVP’s even while JD there.

Del also has Fort HP card which is good on Decoys. For Rope a Dope Ribbons. Killing enemies with Tri-Shot that attack Decoy(s).

If I didn’t find Guardian or Stump Tri-Shot from Wave 7 to 37, I would not reach 30 Ribbons as Del.

And also, Del could go for Coupe De Grace Ribbons, executing the last enemy. Easier with EMBAR stun then three hit melee combo for execution.

Source: I’m Re-up 50.


Very nicely detailed, I’m afraid the multipliers are too high as Master gives you 5x multiplier. The multipliers are:

Beginner: X1
Intermediate: X1.25
Experienced: X1.5
Advanced: X1.75
Elite: X2
Insane: X3
Inconceivable: X4
Masters: X5

Just taken it from game.

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Good luck getting people to do that for 99% of matches ever played. You have to do X, Y, Z and whatever else that is required for ribbons instead of, you know, just getting the ribbons as you play along, for the most part. It’s basically, “Oh, you can get the most XP, but you have to go out and either grind instead of having fun or set up these elaborate shock grenade planting and self-killing traps for enemies at the ending, which only work on maps which spawn enough squishy enemies with another teammate or hope you have a Salvo/Boomshot/Lancer GL for the ending section to unreliably get enough ribbons for the highest XP reward.”…

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TC changed the multipliers a while back, those look like the old values.

If possible could you let me know where you found the list you posted?

Current MPXP Tuning – February 13th

  • Base MPXP for time played has been tripled for PVP modes
  • PVE Difficulty Multiplier restored and returned
    • Beginner: Was 1x, now 2x
    • Intermediate: Was 1.25x, now 2.25x
    • Experienced: Was 1.5x, now 2.5x
    • Advanced: Was 1.75x, now 3x
    • Elite: Was 2x, now 3.5x
    • Insane: Was 3x, now 4x
    • Inconceivable: Was 4x, now 4.5x
    • Master: Remains at 5x

This is the correct list :slight_smile:

I am wondering though whether values are listed somewhere in the game incorrectly.

Master multiplier remained the same. Only the difficulties below changed, up to 4.5x for Incon. TC hasn’t reflected the updated XP values in the matchmaking selector so those are only accuratw for the time/score bonus in Horde/Escape iirc.

Current MPXP Tuning – February 13th

  • Base MPXP for time played has been tripled for PVP modes
  • PVE Difficulty Multiplier restored and returned
    • Beginner: Was 1x, now 2x
    • Intermediate: Was 1.25x, now 2.25x
    • Experienced: Was 1.5x, now 2.5x
    • Advanced: Was 1.75x, now 3x
    • Elite: Was 2x, now 3.5x
    • Insane: Was 3x, now 4x
    • Inconceivable: Was 4x, now 4.5x
    • Master: Remains at 5x

Please note that these XP rates will not be reflected in the Matchmaking UI for either Horde or Escape. We’ll be updating those values in the UI to reflect these new rates via a future Title Update.”

Hard to forget the backlash TC rightfully received for this, and they admitted that it was something of a screwup on their part, putting the change out without considering what players thought of it. Could tell it was an awkward subject for them when they addressed it on the dev stream that week.


Yeah it was in matchmaking ui. Yet where is the future title update of this? I totally forgot about this mpxp update thing.

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Thank you. I am surprised it hasn’t been changed given how long ago the mxpx changes occured

Ok so you saying you got to Re-Up 50 without ever doing the escape boost or death from beyond boost on horde ? Or even without using ChronusMax to do XP all night long on escape ? It shouldn’t be necessaire to abuse glitches to get max level in a game and it should be achiavable by playing wich mode you feel like!

You agree that you just cant get 16 ribbons in a public game ? Also you must rely on getting 1 to 3 ribbons only! You see the problem ? Must get 16 ribbons of the same ribbon, or same 2. This just shows the lack of ribbons in this mode!

So you solved the problem for Del, besides of having him doing what he’s not supposed to do. What about the others ? What about jack ? If you are playing 5 people game, wich is needed for master, everyone will be trying to get Coup De Grace or MVP.

Again, Im not talking about relying on exploits! These bonuses should be awardable by playing normally!
And you seem to know this method very well, dont you ? :thinking:

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Isn’t this limited to one per wave

Until recently i didnt bother with escape but ive started doing solo runs on the daily and weekly hives to get the bonus cards. In solo i only ever get the first kill ribbon despite wading thru a swarm of juvies on most occasions. No multi kill ribbons at all. I agree that each ribbon in all models shud reward with xp. The gaps between the reward tiers are unrealistic.