Ribbons? And stats

How do I view my ribbons guys?


I dont think there is currently a way. I’d love to see this implemented and much more detailed stats.

I love the old war journal and feel like we’re missing all the cool stats we’d often look at. Total Kills, Headshots, Gnasher versus Lancer kills. How many times have I died with the Longshot? Boltok headshots?


Been asked about already. TC are aware so hopefully they patch it in at some point.

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So it’s been 2 more months now and still no ribbons…I thought someone was working on this.

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I asked on the dev thread and they said it was on their to do list. They’ve just had a bazillion other things with higher priority like getting the game functional

Aww yes because including a feature that was in previous games is so difficult. They will no doubt sell the feature for $5 like the classic curb stomp.

I hope that’s not an achievement again though other than that however it’s been my favorite thing to collect as many ribbons as I can