Rewards that pay off in PVE

I know that lately they have made a lot of changes in PVE but some fans want some rewards to return to escape mode such as the weapon skins that motivated you to pass hives in master, honestly my friends and I miss that escape the weapon skins and the new hives, it’s fine if you are not making hives because they are focused on the maps for PVP but at least return the skins to escape mode.

A good idea would be that when dominating a map in wave 1-50 horde mode and that the reward for dominating gives you 100 iron or some skin would be something cool because to be honest the current rewards are not very good or it is okay if They can’t give iron for dominating a horde map, maybe they could give us about 10k of gearcoins or weapon skins, but at the end of the day they will reward the most loyal players to the PVE or I don’t know, maybe during an operation they will say for dominating 5 Horde maps we are going to give you a super exclusive skin that will be the equivalent of a master skin but in PVE mode and thus perhaps attract more pvp players to the pve. :smiley:

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Definitely needs to be more rewards outside of cards, coins and cxp. A weekly master event where you can earn a particular character/weapon(s) skin would be pretty cool and of course challenging.

They did something for escape when you could earn those toxic weapons for being in the top 1% was it? Don’t quote me fully on that though as I wasn’t playing much gears then.

I want skill card rewards in regular Horde to not suck. You get too little for the amount of time you have to spend per session.


A problem with the PvE setup-- and it’s a problem for any games-as-a-service-model-- is that the rewards for beating a mode on its highest difficulty are skill cards that… make it easier to beat PvE on its highest difficulty… which in turn gives you more cards, which in turn make it easier to beat the highest difficulty… etc. It’s a cycle.

I play Horde for fun. The way the game has been consistently rebalanced in players’ favor means that a decent enough team can beat Master with practically any team composition and a wide range of levels and skill cards. Simply unlocking higher skill cards isn’t a motivating factor anymore. I just… play for fun. (And for leveling up classes I don’t typically play because I’m a completionist.)

Unique rewards for accomplishing specific feats sounds like a good way to generate motivation to play Horde at its highest level, but when they previously did that for both Horde and Escape, players complained that unique rewards were walled behind a mode they didn’t want to play. I believe TC specifically stopped doing that due to those complaints.

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And were sill waiting for the final skins, think theres 3. Enforcer, retro and i think dropshot🤔

No doubt the will be in the store at some point for 6k for the full set😒

Any idea when we can get these @TC_Kilo1062 or @TC_Sera

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This. I say to make it even more unique then you should only be able to get the character by completing this challenge. I would love TC to throw up some challenges with some variants of characters and or weapon skins. Don’t complete the challenge then you don’t get the skin.

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But people will complain they have to play the mode to earn it, god forbid. Meanwhile I 100% expect TC to lock a skin for some COG character behind Versus ranks like idk, reaching Master, which a lot less people would feasibly reach, regardless of what some may say about how “easy” ranks are to obtain now. Instead of the sensible thing which would be to toss the useless Swarm/Locust behind said wall.


True and I say let them but simply put either complete the challenge or don’t lol. I don’t particularly have the confidence in TC to give us reasonable challenges for said skins or character variants. I wouldn’t mind a vs challenge and if they give a skin for reaching masters then it must be a swarm character variant.

Any one who says masters is easy is pretty much a completely different vs player compared to the average player. Its not easy at all, I tried and just couldn’t get there lol.