Rewards - ranked

What day are the rank rewards? Not sure how this works. Been masters for 3 weeks and only received an overkill skin?

Asking for clarification from TC on the forums, ooh bold move.

Honestly i don’t really know, i thought they were given out at the end of every Operation like they were the previous Operation, but so far i’ve received the Lancer GL and the Overkill skins which i was give at the end of each month for this Operation. (I imagine the Snub Pistol will be the last skin)

TC even manage to sneak in the Master Boltok for the first operation as a reward without ever mentioning it was a going to be given as a reward.

We’ll get three weapon skins each Operation, Wether it’s at the end of the Operation or throughout who knows.
More clear information would be nice about 90% of the things in the game, but this is TC we’re talking about.

it is at the end of every operation / start of the new OP that you get your weapon skins based on the rank you got i believe

Didn’t they drop another weapon like two days ago?

Seems like I remember getting one, but I can’t recall which weapon it was.

It possibly could be I got one individual skin for ranking up.

I got the Overkill again. Same as I did last week.

Very unusual if you ask me.

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