Rewards need to be different

how is it fun when yu get same prices over and over and over i really hope thats diiferent on gears 5 because i been playin 12 hours straight and still have not gotten uzii ram i am about to quit gears because does odds make no sense

Play some horde you get way more credits that ways and do horde bounties 1-50 on casual and once your class gets a higher level you could do looking for group posts.

I guess I’m different than many because I play for fun rather than the skins we can get. I do know these skins can be difficult to get but don’t let it discourage you from playing. In the end they’re cosmetic and make no difference to how you play. However, I do wish they went away from this awful RNG system and made unlocks progression based.


Thank you, like really what happened to games where if you wanted something you worked toward a specific goal and you unlocked it? Now it’s all just a cash grab and it’s ridiculous.

Free to Play games have invaded games we have to pay up front for. It’s honestly ridiculous how bad it’s gotten but as a consumer I can either support the practice of a RNG based system or just buy the base game and avoid the rest. I choose the latter because I don’t gamble.

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I’ve payed for packs. I regret it but it’s too late now, the deed is done lol. I just wish items weren’t behind a cash wall.

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