Rewards for this season

I have my complete toxic set. My boy Shauny hooked me up.

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I want either Koty. I’m not picky. I just want more Dom ok???

Typical TC employee.:cry:

Add Black and Chrome Steel Sam to that list! Oh, and Hivebuster, Civilian Armor and Desert Armor Sam. :smiley:

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They gotta make sure its old lady sam in all those though.


Hell no :joy:

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I’d love an old lady chrome steel sam :flushed:

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I would too just because I know it would disappoint ultra alot lol

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He gets to suffer like me :pensive::handshake:

Yeah yeah I know Dom has a CS, hivebuster, and multiple other skins. But let’s all be honest. They suck.

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I think Dom’s skins are pretty good in 5 and im not even a big Dom fan. I like the Hivebuster one alot.

His haircut on his classic Dom skin is garbage, it looks far better on his commando skin.

Farmer is neat but I’d rather have gears 3 dom.

Omega is a mixed bag for me. I dont hate it but I don’t love it.

Hivebuster is meh… it’s like an off brand classic commando skin. I know its inspired from classic commando but like he just looks weird. I think it’s because he doesnt have the long hair and the goatee.

But was it not farmer dom in gears 3 we met first?


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That’s true but on the front cover of gears 3 we see dom in his armor. So technically we see farmer Dom second. :sunglasses:

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