Rewards for this season

Quick question coalition are we getting a new gnasher skin for being top 100 this season or are you recycling the last 3 we got?

No to both.

Nothing new will be coming to Gears 5 for the rest of time.

Only thing will be new players…

Then once they play versus for a few days its back to call of battlefield for them.


Naw they ain’t even going to cod or battlefield. Both those games are dead :woozy_face:

no joke im doing vs rn and there seems to be bunch of new players they get bullyed alot makes me feel bads

I just get get bored playing against and with them.

I never got the grandmaster competitive gansher will I get it now for making top 100 or no


It’s not like the more you mention it, the bigger the chances of it appearing.

Idk how many more times I can tell them No before they actually read it lol

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Relaxing koty do u work for coalition or anybody else that posted no

No. TC said after Season 9 that all top 100 rewards would be discontinued.

He wishes he did so he could release more Lahni skins.

Black Steel and Winter Lahni would be nice.

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While you’re there could you release classic commando dom? I know they have him there :flushed:

I thought it was Sad Dom you wanted, Mineman. You can’t keep switching, you gotta pick one.

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Not sure, it is quite a deep and complex thing to process.

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Can i get the rest of my toxic set, just when you have time…